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drwarr 03-17-2001 07:25 PM

Re: LA Times Article on Moto Injuries
I agree with the article. Here in Great Falls, there are a couple young guys in wheelchairs after crashes at the local supercross track. Too dangerous - why tempt fate?

As far as the rest of the public is concerned (like noise and helmet laws), motorcyclists are not going to win the public debate when they flaunt danger and sacrifice their health.

Tom Warr

zamboni 03-19-2001 06:38 AM

Re: Racer X on LA Times Article on Moto Injuries
I came across this article that shows another angle on the article:

Personally, I think the LA Times article was fair. I continue to ride bikes (dirt and street) despite injuries and the risk of more injuries.

God bless America.

oldjapbikes 03-19-2001 12:48 PM

Government role in danger?
Those who have been injured in dirt-bike racing were aware of the risks (it doesn't take an Einstein to recognize the danger) but these people were also actively engaged in the pursuit of happiness. Some win, some lose. Is it the government's responsibility to make sure they are able to continue to pursue happiness for their whole lives, so therefore should ban 'dangerous' activities like dirtbiking?

The government's role should NOT be to prevent pain and suffering brought about by an individual's decision to engage in dangerous behavior. I fully believe that the government should be an advocate for safety where safety is appropriate, needed, and/or feasible, but freedom of choice should be left up to the individual. People who choose not to wear seatbelts or (in the case of motorcyclists) helmet? Let them accept the consequences of their actions, be it good or bad. There needs to be more individual responsibility.

The choices are clear; let each individual deal with the consequences of his/her actions.

streetlegal 05-10-2001 12:14 PM

Re: LA Times Article on Moto Injuries
What about the people who attend m/c events to see crashes? What about the people who promote events as daredevil exhibitions of death-defying acts?

I race motorcycles myself and I am fully aware of the risk and danger. I don't think motorcycling is about the risk. As far as I'm concerned, the more security I can have, the better -- but I'm not willing to quit.

I certainly wouldn't want anyone to tell me that it must stop. I also don't like the way that the danger, risk, and the gruesome results of mistakes are shamelessly promoted and sought after by fans.

I'm writing about the people who sit next to the triple jumps in SX to watch the wipe-outs. I'm writing about the promoters of the recent Sears Point AMA race who's plug was something like "come see guys go 150mph with nothing between them and the road but a helmet and leather."

That sh!t has to stop.

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