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Default Re: World's Fastest Indian

A bit better quality movie than BikerBoyz or Torque, wot? I mean, I actually detect a plot.
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Default Re: World's Fastest Indian

Got a chance to see it at the High Falls Film Festival in Rochester, NY.

Not only is it good, you can actually bring a non-motorcycle person and they'll enjoy it too. Kids (well maybe 10 and up ) will love it also

A great story, with excellent filming. They get little details like Burt, well Anthony, using his hand as a choke while starting the bike. And they use a fair amount of good natured humor throughout the movie.

The speed shots look very well done, however I've never ridden at Bonneville so I have no idea what it really looks like. But I have done 3 digits on the street, in a safe manner of course.

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Default Re: World's Fastest Indian

I've done 148 at Bonneville and about 150 on a highway. At Bonneville I was getting over 15mph wheelspin versus none on asphalt. The wheelspin made for queasy feelings, especially when I got a headshake and bit the salt.
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