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Default Re: Old Crash Facts

The first point demonstrates the only flaw in this type of report: it only considers accidents that are reported to the police, which is probably much less than half of total motorcycle crashes. In reality, most crashes are single-rider spills that don't get reported.
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Default Re: Old Crash Facts

While I've no statistics to back this up (no one does, which is part of the problem!), I believe this is very true; in my personal anecdotal experience everyone I've known who's gone down solo has not had their accident reported unless they suffered serious injury.

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Default Re: Old Crash Facts

...which may well be why the comments about helmets and protective gear figure so predominantly here. If you go down without gear and a helmet, chances are much greater the accident will be reported when you can't ride away from it without an ambulance, or hit the emergency room after limping the bike home with road rash, a concussion, and bleeding fingers.
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Default Re: Old Crash Facts

The visibility problem with sportbikes is why I consider them poor choices as streetbikes. for me that is.

Sportbikes may be more nimble than cruisers or standards, but the loss of visibility and worse, often greater fatigue inducing factors, are more important, IMHO.

Of course the most important factor of all is simply experience.. and lots of it. Newer riders should avoid sportbikes and big cruisers for at least a year. Fat chance

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