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acecycleins 01-26-2007 10:00 AM

Re: HOG: Please Fund Buell's New Engine
Is a M car more expensive? Yeah- expect all HP bikes to be over the $20K mark with the exception of the F bike.

longride 01-26-2007 10:05 AM

Re: HOG: Please Fund Buell's New Engine
I wonder if Harley already knows what people will buy from them, and what they won't. Nah. That's why they are making all that cash, because thier marketing department stupid obviously. If there is such a demand for this product, why won't they make it? Because they probably already know what you all refuse to admit. There is only a limited demand, and they would lose their ass is why. I guess they might as well ***** away all that profit making something stupid. The Buell is a niche bike, and pretty good at filling that niche. If you don't like what it is, and what it represesnts, buy something else. Geez, why is that so f&cking hard? Why try to make it something that it isn't, and never will be? Everyone talks about Ducati and all these other manufacturers like they are swimming in cash from making sportbikes, but open your eyes to the reality that Buell sells better than ANY of those bikes do RIGHT NOW, with no engine changes and no massive tooling and engineering debt to recover. Will they develop a new motor? Probably, but it will be NOTHING like everybody else makes. That was the whole point of the Buell to begin with. Why try make a pencil into a pen? Get it?

BrowningBAR 01-26-2007 10:06 AM

Re: HOG: Please Fund Buell's New Engine
"R12RT and new gen K12GT effortlessly bust 20K barrier with only moderate kit added."

--I know, and I wonder how well it will work when a larger percentage of your bike line is over 20-25k.

That's anywhere from 2 to 5 times the amount of most bikes.

And I do love beemer bikes. But, from a market standpoint, it seems a little risky as you can apply the argument of "other bikes perform-better/weigh-less/better-trackbike" to BMW than you can against Buell. Especially since Buell is price in more competitively no matter what the exchange rate is.

Buzglyd 01-26-2007 10:09 AM

Re: HOG: Please Fund Buell's New Engine
Because idiots that need their wife's permission to spend $30 on a visor claim they'll spend 14 grand on a fancy new Buell.

schizuki 01-26-2007 10:11 AM

Re: The GMP is right again, GPTB says stay the course.
You're absolutely right, kpaul. The clear majority of Buell owners bought a bike with an air-cooled pushrod engine, expecting it to perform like a liquid-cooled DOHC design, and are bitterly disappointed that it doesn't. I stand corrected.

acecycleins 01-26-2007 10:17 AM

Re: HOG: Please Fund Buell's New Engine
Haven't the majority of bikes performed better than BMW's sport segment? Is that worrying BMW? I think not. If BMW builds the HP series like M cars then expect 200-300 of these bikes a year unless people start lining up for more production. Which won't happen. So, you'll see only a few hundred a year world wide in this case.

The_AirHawk 01-26-2007 10:21 AM

Re: I can see it now.
KPaul's Sister must be gettin' awfully worn-out by now.......

The_AirHawk 01-26-2007 10:27 AM

Re: Getting off the dead horse I have a solution. But longride probably sabatoged it.
I think the "schizukinoodle" and "schizukisan" jibes are some sly, (in KP's opinion) racist, asian-based play on your screen name.

Hell, I'm almost Red-Neck enough to smirk at 'em.


(mostly, it's just a grimace of pain, though)

BrowningBAR 01-26-2007 10:29 AM

Re: The GMP is right again, GPTB says stay the course.
Actually, the idiots are the one screaming for an engine change as if Buell is never going to come out with another new model until the end of time.

HD has had how many different engine models?

So, yeah, a new engine will eventually be offered.

But, like I said, it will not be confused with a GXR1000 or and R1.

He can't even quote right.

The_AirHawk 01-26-2007 10:32 AM

Re: Wrong.
He doesn't even read what he types himself well enough to comprehend it fully.

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