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Default Re: Calling all Buellers

A Buell and you're pushing 40?

Your GTPB membership awaits you.

You will have to go to the burger barn and extoll the virtues of the Beull in front of a bunch of ricers with magazines in their tankbags to get in.

Bring your broomstick and all your martial arts expertise to get in. A dozen Krispy Kremes won't hurt either.
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Default Re: Calling all Buellers

Excellent post smcnamara.

Only thing I would add would be to buy the VDSTS software. This allows you to do your own TPS resets at the various service intervals.

I also own a Ulysses. This is my second Buell (had an M2 before this). Have a sip of the coolaid, you'll like it.
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Default 23,000 miles now

I have had my 2004 Buell XB12S for almost three years and 23,000 miles now.

You can read an in-depth write up I submitted on this web site of the first year at the link below.


One Year / 12,831 Miles on a 2004 Buell XB12s

The last year and 10,000 miles have been a little more problematic as I have gone through the following:

1. Two more broken horn mounts. (Different mount from the R and supposedly not a problem for anyone else.

2. Broken kick stand bolt and bent kick stand. (Common weakness).

3. Open and shorted electrical harness. (Dealer sayÂ’s they have had three in so far for this, donÂ’t know how many R modelÂ’s have this problem, itÂ’s from wear around the steering neck.

Other then that it’s been a great bike with great mileage, I now get 50 – 53 mpg.

In answer to your other questions:

1. I bought the extended service plan so I donÂ’t have to do any services.

2. I go 2,500 miles between oil changes even though itÂ’s called for 5,000.

3. I usually get around 5,000 miles out of the back tire and 12,000 on the front. I paid $118 for the back tire and $120 for the front plus $50 mounting each.

4. Insurance is great, I pay $600 a year for 300,000 / 100,000 max coverage.

5. I lucked out and got one of the best Buell dealers in the world "Chandler H-D Buell" in Chandler AZ, have always been treated great there.

6. You can get an XB12R out the door for under 10,000.

7. Reliability see above and link.

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Default Re: Calling all Buellers

Run your engine oil level at the bottom of the dip stick and it wonÂ’t use any, if you try and keep it near the full mark it will use oil as you noted above.
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The Toad

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Default Re: Calling all Buellers

Don't forget the ample helping of roast crow.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Default Re: Calling all Buellers

a: Testride. The engine is a love it or hate it affair. If you can forgive (or better yet, like) the engine, you'll love the bike.

b: You MIGHT be able to ****er down the price of an 06 by having them knock off a price equivelent to a set of Diablos, as the Pirellis are really good tires, so its "The 07s are better".

c: Remember, OUT THE DOOR pricing. HD dealers are some of the worse on setup/nuisance changes, so call around.

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Default Re: Calling all Buellers

this morning a new buell pulled up beside me at a redlight on a bay area expressway. it was about 7 a.m., 75 degrees, and the thing's fan was spinning away.

i had heard that the fan runs a lot but this struck me as stupid.

are we sure that thing stays cool enuf to keep ticking over? i sorta wish they'd hang a radiator off the darned thing. either that or a really big oil cooler.
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Default Re: Calling all Buellers

As there are some excellent answers already posted, I will answer some that haven't been fully addressed. I own a 2001 Cyclone, which is 100 lbs. heavier, and I weigh 235lbs. 1) Oil - Dealers are now happy suggesting 5000 miles between oil changes, with the Screaming Eagle Synthetic Lubricant. I change mine at every 2500 mile service. 2) Tires - I have 25,000 miles on my bike. On the rears, I got 4000 miles on D205's, 3000 miles on D208's. Grip on D205's was horrible, D208's was much better. On Pirelli Diablo's I got close to 5000 miles of wear, and the best grip of them all. Made the mistake of switching to the new Michelin Power's, and only have 500 miles on these, but it has the roughest ride, of any tire I have ever had. So much so, that I checked the tire pressures three times with different gauges! I run 32 at the front, 34-36 at the rear. And I don't think it has much better grip than the Diablo's, but I can't say for sure yet! Certainly not better than the Corsas! If you want more mileage, try the Diablo Strada's - Pirelli makes the Diablo in three flavours! If I was going to err to another marque, I would try the new Metzeler. I understand that Metzeler and Pirelli have some sort of joint technology program going. It is about time that MO did a tire test anyway... I put a Diablo Corsa on the front once, as at the time they did not make a 170 section for the rear, so I just ran the standard Diablo, and the grip was phenomenal! Diablo's are also a more stable [less nervous], ride than the D208's, at high speeds, but the Dunlop's turned in a bit quicker. Don't know about the new Dunlop Qualifier. All of these tires should run you about $110 for the front, about $150 for the rear, but the Buell dealer charged me $75 apiece to install! 3) Buell service can get expensive - a major service, every 10,000 miles or so, can cost you $500. And if there is anything else broken, as was one of my motor mounts and oil lines last time, add $800! Service and Attitude vary by Dealer. Phil Peterson's in North Miami, has done a good job by me, but they only have one Tech, Ricky, that does Buell's. 4) I use the Progressive Insurance from Harley, and it is about $400 a year, for Liability and Fire and Theft, but not for uninsured driver, or hospital protection. This is in Miami, where we were recently, and accurately, voted #1 city for worst drivers! I hope these comments have helped you.
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Default Re: Calling all Buellers

You forgot to tell us which one 'gotcha' - Midnight Black with Cherry Bomb, or Sunfire Yellow with Designer Black?

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Default Ulysses

If you are tall enough then buy the ULY. I have one and love it. No problems so far. My electraglide just sits in the garage because everytime I go for a ride I seem to pick the ULY. It just is darn fun.
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