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Default Re: Buell XBRR News

A good running DT-1 has < 20 hp. Buells are fairly quickish.
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Default Re: Buell XBRR News

Yeah, but that first 20 feet or so is hell on 'dem Buells...
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Default Re: Buell XBRR News

If I'm not mistaken (and really appreciating the bone), but I believe the term is "Grok".

And I do love the Triple!
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Default Re: For those who say why Race? This is why you race to get better

Why do the Japanese push for rules that cripple innovation!

Must run on gas.. You can make a lot more power with methanol and even more with nitromethine! No super chargers, not turbochargers, not gas turbines!

What kind of stupid rules are these that give the advantage to inline 4 dohc piston engine! man that is some kind of cheating.

Dude every racing class has rules to make the race as close as possible. EVERY restriction is some how contrived to make the race closer or to slow down the vehicles.

Now what I find funny is that in "stock" truck racing Toyota had to make a special race engine because their production engines where too modern to run in that class!

If this lets Buell compete then it is a good thing. Frankly I am tired of Honda winning FX, Suzuki winning Superbike, and who did they give Supersport to?

It is almost like the Japanese companies all got together and divided up the classes.

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