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johnnyb 03-07-2006 07:43 AM

Re: Buell At Daytona

I even miss Kpaul pissing in GPTB sandbox.

BrowningBAR 03-07-2006 09:05 AM

Re: Buell At Daytona
If they are sticking around, why can't they release some sort of schedule of what is coming. give you at least a hint as to what is going to be covered.

You would think this would be done just to cut down on the aggrivation.

VFRider 03-07-2006 09:59 AM

Re: Buell At Daytona
Lets see them make a XBRR for the street!

bboule 03-07-2006 10:15 AM

Re: Buell At Daytona
Gotta love Buell press releases passed off as news.

johnnyb 03-07-2006 10:27 AM

crap don't pop champagne yet. from
German rider Rico Penzkofer, 30, became the first man to win a race on a Buell XB-RR with a victory in the CCS Supertwins race at Daytona International Speedway Saturday.

Penzkofer took the lead on the first lap of the six-lap contest but was passed mid-race by Dario Marchetti, a former World Superbike regular who was riding a Ducati 999RS Superbike.

Thanks in part to the top speed advantage of his motorcycle, Marchetti led the second half of the sprint, but Penzkofer was able to stay close. On the final lap, Marchetti led into and out of the chicane and looked sure to hold his lead to the checkered flag. Marchetti was forced to back off, however, when his helmet visor began fogging as he approached a group of slower riders on the run from NASCAR Turn Four to the finish line. This allowed Buell of Hanover's Penzkofer to sneak through and take the XB-RR's first victory in its debut race weekend.

"I hope it is not the last win for this bike - or for me," Penzkofer told

The race at Daytona was Penzkofer's first competitive event in the U.S.

Penzkofer has previously tested twice at Daytona, the first time in December 2005 and the second time in January.

Earlier in the day, Penzkofer qualified the Buell XB-RR eighth for the ASRA Superbike race, which is scheduled for Sunday. Penzkofer turned a 1:47.202, about five seconds slower than polesitter Jason DiSalvo and his factory Yamaha YZF-R6 at 1:42.290. Steve Crevier, also riding a Buell XB-RR, qualified first for the ASRA Thunderbike race, turning a 1:49.695 but was disqualifed because he had not actually entered the race.

The lap times turned so far by Penzkofer and Crevier may indicate that wild Internet speculation that the two-valve, pushrod, air-cooled twin-cylinder Buell XB-RR will steamroll next week's AMA Formula Xtreme race against four-valve, DOHC, water-cooled four-cylinder 600cc machines is somewhat premature.

gigantic 03-07-2006 12:18 PM

Re: Buell At Daytona
wow. seven Buell's finished in the top ten, but were beaten by a 500 pound, 90hp, BMW sport-tourer with a considerably longer wheelbase. so much for Buell's vaunted radical, advanced chassis.

Buzglyd 03-07-2006 01:10 PM

Re: crap don't pop champagne yet. from
Yeah but that foggy faceshield was no accident. That was oil shooting out the Buell's breathers just like any proper H-D should.

Kind of like James Bond goes roadracing.

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