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Default Re: Get a clue

If you wanted the bike would it matter to you if Sean or anyone else said it was faster or slower than another model? Do you base all your decisions on other peoples opinions?

What some editor or tester gets as far as drag strip or track performance out of a bike means nothing to me because I'll be the one riding the bike not them. This artical is about one persons experiance with his bike. Not some iron-clad rule that BUELLS ARE FASTER THAN NINJAS, Do you make this s**t up as you go?.

And no, K. Real men don't spend their time arguing about which bike is faster or how many times they banged their old ladys or fed the dog. In fact the biggest discussion at work right now is how much more work we can dump on the new guy before he catches on. I think he's had enough but we'll see.....

I don't know what kind of little world you live in, but amongst my friends we buy what we like or can afford, if someone doesn't like it they're free to buy something else. If one of us is markedly faster, then hopefully he'll flush the cops and we'll skate by
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Default Re: twins are in

That just goes to show you that FHM doesn't know anything about motorcycles. For such a magazine, it's really all about aesthetics and pose value. I myself only read FHM for the pictures.
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Default Re: Put your money wear your mouth is Racer Boy

Oh, just die already, you stupid puke.
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