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Default 12R is waaay more comfortable than a RC51

I rode the 9R and the 9S last year. Both the gearboxes were fine. Not up to Japanese sportbike standards, but that's a pretty freakin' high standard. As good as my R1100S, which means a little clunky but solid and I didn't miss any shifts.

I was surprised how good the ergos were. The 9R especially; completely liveable except for the seat-to-peg distance which was designed by a person whose legs were exactly two-thirds as long as they're supposed to be.

After my rides I decided if I bought an R model (definitely my favorite of the two) the stock pegs wouldn't make it off the dealer's lot. They would be replaced by a set of S pegs, which conveniently bolt right on and are about an inch and half lower. Ahhhhh.
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Default Re: The price is NOT steep...

I would take some knobby balls to ride one.
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Default pdad13, you helped make up my mind...

I'm going to wait until the 2005s are released, to see if Buell will build exactly what I want. If they don't, then I'm going to buy an R, the S pegs, the Race kit, a Superbike top clamp & bar kit from American Sport Bike, and whatever Givi setup that fits.</p>

I plan to call it a Thunderbolt... </p>
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Default Re: pdad13, you helped make up my mind...

Glad I could be some help. The whole experience was fun.

As a side note, don't expect Buell to introduce another bike in 2005. I doubt they have the resources to launch another model so soon. Hey, but you never know.

I would start shopping around for some of those discounts and a 2004 leftover.
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