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Default The rules are wakki...

Very much superbikeish rules (you can do lots of changes/mods), but...

Water cooled multis limited to 600cc

Water cooled twins limited to 750cc

Air cooled twins limited to 1350cc

The water cooled bikes need to run stock airbox, tank, and throttle bodies, and comply with other restrictions as well (noise, I believe, considering HOW much louder the Buells are).

You can play a lot of games with engine internals on the 600 supersports, but people must not be playing TOO many because there are rules which state you can't run the same bike in both Supersport and Formula Xtreme.

The "XB9Rs", under the rules, can be bored/stroked out to 1.35L, and you know they are, as they are exempt from all but the most basic homologization rules and safety/equipment rules.

If they didn't have increased displacement and other massive modifications, they would be no more that rolling chicanes.

Unfortuantly, AMA's superbike site seems down so I can't quote you chapter and verse.
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Default Are you upset?

Are you upset that you weren't a part of MO's literbike shootout? I remember you loving the big gixxer... have you yet had the opportunity to ride the big CBR1000RR? What about the CBR600RR? Outside of their obvious weight issues as far as racing is concerned, I would actually very much like to know your take on what you think of them after a nice day's ride. Oh, by the way, did Boehm pull rank on you when it came to take a ride in the F/A-18? Lastly, did you find that XB9S? Is it sitting next to the Bergman? You know you love Buells because they remind you so much of your favorite scooter.
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Default We were discussing the CBR600RR

I think the comments above were directed at the CBR600RR. The 1000RR with its much larger radiator may not have the overheating problems of the 600. I don't have any friends that have a 1000RR just a 600RR. The 600RR is just about unrideble in Phoenix in the summer in traffic because of the overheating.
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Default Re: We were discussing the CBR600RR

Yeah, I know, I actually had meant to respond to another person who had mentioned the 1000 but I replied to the wrong MOfo. But hey at least it poked JB in the ribs a bit, and that's always fun.
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Default Re: ahh the 600rr

It's a shame that when you don't agree with someone pollitically you name call like a little girl. Disrespect my president on your own time. Muhamed Atta, the lead hijaker on 9/11 was trained in Bagdad by Abu Nidal. That's all I need to Know. Many people choose to ignore facts such as these. Wake up bro.

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Default Re: ahh the 600rr

Are there still people alive who believe this rubbish? Even Americans? Even Americans who watch Fox TV?

Education break: Baathism (cf Iraq, Syria) is secular nationalist thuggery - in other words, an Arab flavour of fascism, as per Hitler & Mussolini. Saddam paid lip service to being a muslim when he wanted help from other muslim nations, but that's as close to Islam as he got.

By contrast, Al Quaeda are strictly religious fanatics, who dream of turning the whole Midle East into a fundamentalist theocratic superstate, centred around Mecca, and deposing and killing the current 'infidel' leaders of the extant nations in the region. Al Queda would have liked nothing better than to kill Saddam and exterminate the Baathists. And then the Shea (who are the wrong kind of muslim, apparently). And then the Kurds (who aren't devout, or even all muslims). And as soon as they defeated the Great Satan (i.e. the US, and her allies), they would have turned their attention to countries in the region, including Iraq.

Iraq had nothing whatsoever to do with Al Quaeda, except being on their target list. Even Bush's people don't claim that they do any more! Fox TV do, of course, but if you will watch such credulous drivel and believe what it tells you, expect to be misinformed.
Ken Haylock
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