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Default Re: Grumpy old men, and Chicago doesn't have any twisties.

Take him out to Skeeter Creek road between Ashford and Packwood, it's about 40 miles of tight corkscrews dropping 5 or 600 feet in elevation. Theres probably more twists in that road than in all of Illi-noise put together.

I think Longride will still show you his tail light but maybe you guys will learn to get along
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Default Re: BUELLS GOOD!

A gun is a tool, Marian; no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.
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Default Re: Not bad? Puhh-lease ...

Actually, distinguishing your assh0le from a hole in the ground is quite easy...

Stick your finger in it. If you can walk away, it's your assh0le.
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It's well established that the Buell chassis configuration is very effective. It all comes down to their motor. They have enormous, low-output engines that are not competitive in any real sense of the term with similar displacement, liquid-cooled motors of more modern design.

I really like the Buell design, but I hate the fact that the engine is so useless. The race Buell's, from what I understand, have 1.3 litre motors! Assuming 130 HP, that's a horrible specific output when compared to virtually any other racing engine out there, almost to the point of embarassment.

The legacy Harley motor that they use has a lot of vintage charm, and was very nice for its time and is even useful for selected purposes today. However, for a racing bike, it's simply bizarre, and not in a good way. If Buell was freed from this engine, and had, for example, a modern high-output V-twin or a V-4 or an inline x etc. etc. etc. it seems clear that it would garner substantially more acceptance. $12,500 for a 105 - 110 HP sport or racing bike just doesn't cut it, though, when $11K gets you 160 and $15K gets you 180+.

The reductio ad absurdum of this whole line is developing a Model-T or Model-A engine and feeling really good about getting 130 HP out of it - good on you, but...

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Default why are you bragging?

why are you bragging about dusting 600 cc fours? why AREN'T you bragging about dusting 1000 cc twins, like ducatis?

try to imagine an SV-1000 motor in a buell chassis ...
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like talking to a sheep, but:

you are right. isn't it amazing, then, that a guy like Barnes can take such a ridiculous, outmoded and just plain stupid motorcycle with its agricultural, babbit-bearinged motor to 8th place in an ama national packed with 3 factory cbr600 hondas, each of which probably cost more than barnes bike, transporter, and worldly possessions combined–piloted by highly paid superstar riders. musta been a fluke. Must be a mistake in scoring. probly didn't even happen. Because it's impossible.
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The Buell air/oil cooled engine was built for reliability first.

Their roller bearing V-twins deliver power where you want it, when you want it.

If synthetic oil is used (it should be!) the engines should see 100,000 miles before teardown.

I'm sure Erik has heard from the streets and canyons and enhancements are on the way:

Variable valve timing; 6 speed transmission; ABS; Hydraulic logic clutch (no disengaging, just stab the shift); Adjustable bars and seat position.

2005 will be a great year for Buell!
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