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Wow Johnnyb, when I grow up I want to race a Buell so that I can finnish 8th or even better, 11th! Man oh man, that was the performance of the century and something to be very proud of. Keep smoking that stuff Burns
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I sat on a Buell at a local dealership and it had the weirdest, most freaky ergo's of any bike I have ever been on. I couldn't get off the thing fast enough! Yuck!
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Default Here we go again...

It seems like no other bike on this web site garners as much mixed reviews. You know what? Me and my friend on new 2004 Buell XB12's are just out there having a great time. The thing we found in the real world is this. Any of the 600 bikes off the line had better be wound way up on the tach on take off or we eat their lunch off the line. On the road up to 120-130 MPh riding with friends on their in-line fours of all displacements we seem to have problem. In the twisty stuff the bikes just plain stick and can stay with any of the other bikes in the tight stuff. Only in the higher speed corners and the really high speeds do we fall behind. Everywhere we stop the bikes seem to draw attention, everyone wants to know what they are who makes them and where they are from. As a plus the bikes are a great price being $8,995 for new 2004 models and get great gas mileage and have been stone reliable. These are the things that count to me and my friend. If you count bench racing and bragging and going over 130 mph and having the same bike as everyone else as your strong points then don't buy one.
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Default Re: I just destroyed a guy on a Buell...

"I believe that skill and road knowledge ultimately trump whatever bike."

I agree with this whole heartedly. I have a ZX9, and on roads that I'm familiar with, I can fly. But, last year I went to Deal's Gap, and one of the locals on a KLR650 was pacing me, guys on R1's, CBR's, you name it.
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Default My girl's bike?

Yeah I wish. I'm just broke (and seeing as that I live in SoCal that also means no girl). One day that high-concept script of mine will sell (or someone will look past the long hair and nose ring and see the high IQ and good heart and give me a freakin' break in life), but until then I just make do with what I have. In the process I've found out that what I have is not so bad. Not so bad at all. It's a cheap little bike that I was able to buy used with my tax refund a year ago, and unlike other bikes my heart so desires, it's also one I can afford to insure.

Me take Paxil? Johnny, my little motorcycle IS my Paxil. A bare few other things give me the joy that motorcycling does, and if my only option is that tiny, yellow 250 that's sitting in my garage, I have no complaints. Prescription drugs be damned.
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Default Not a good sign for Buell

Not a good sign, actually, when they are discounting $2k off MSRP.

If that is what it takes to sell these bikes, thats not a good sign for the company.
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I would not buy a harley ,, buell or any other.

But if they are going racing , more power to them.. If harley could be competitive, boy what a jolt that would give the ama.. Maybe the bike week crowd would quit drinking and making noise to come see a race..
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It seems to me that a great deal of potential customers (MOrons) could become actual customers for Buell products if the company would put in a decent motor. A product should not simply be built and then put on the market. The company should find out what customers want, and then sell them that which the drooling public desires. This "want" of a cool streetfighter with a killer motor, I think, is well-documented in the anals of this website and I'm sure word has reached Erik's ears. It doesn't matter that he built a brilliant bike with what he had available, the point is that people want more than John Deere technology. They're selling below MSRP, not surprising, maybe they should quit telling us what we want and start listening to what we want. I love the looks of the Lightning and at the right price I could see myself making the purchase, but c'mon, give me a motor!
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