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Default Re: The Bush economy's effect on motorcylists (I told you so) Good news for HD/Buell

As a Hindu I resent that. As an Amurican, I think it's funny.

Is it a sail ship? Or is it powered by a motor transplanted from his ZX-9? Oh you said something about shoveling sh... coal. Steam ship it is then. Which makes your Hindu mythology reference double funny considering cow dung is a primary source of fuel for many poor, rural Hindus.

In case the engine stops working, I'm sure there would be enough hot air to fill the emergency makeshift sails.

On that note, it's good to have the pre-pill Kookster back. If your ever down in SoCal I'll buy you a beer. Then you can go race Sean. Then I can stomp you both on my Ninja 250. Just kidding.
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Default Re: The Bush economy's effect on motorcylists (I told you so) Good news for HD/Buell

I was thinking of picking up a low mileage SuperHawk, for fookin' aboot, but there isn't much happening in the Cycle Trader. The only plausible explanation is that Ashcroft's conformity ninjas have surreptiously killed all the superhawk owners in Phoenix. MORE PROOF THAT CHIMPY MCBUSH HAS IRREVOCABLY RUINED MOTORCYCLING FOREVER WITH HIS FAILED MOTORCYCLE ECONOMY POLICIES.

Whoops, forgot to put the important words in bold. DAMN YOU BUSH FOR MY SUBPAR HTML SKILLS
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Default Re: It's that durn Vast Right Wing Conspiricy again

I knew it, Rum-foo has gone after moter-sickles! Grab yer guns boys, them durn cheeseheads is a-loading up the helicopters!!
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Default Re: BUELLS NOT BAD EH? (VROD Answer)

The VROD is a very unlikely candidate for any Buell simply because of the weight. Supposedly, on the V-ROD, "lightweight materials are everywhere," which suggests that the engine is quite a porker itself, since the bike is almost 600 lbs. dry.

I could be wrong, so don't take my word as a definitive answer, but by contrast, an SV1000, which is hardly a high end sled, weighs only 400 lbs. Engineers can't shave 200 lbs. off of a motorcycle without using some expensive parts, particularly if they've already spent plenty of R&D teamed up with Porsche to build their bike in the first place. The old VMAX makes about 15 more hp and weighs about 15 lbs. less than this "revolutionary" Harley.

Thanks to Eric Buell's cool engineering, the XB9R weighs in at just under 400, but I think a V-ROD motor would certainly tip the scales to the portly side. Does anyone know what the motor itself actually weighs?
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Default Re: It's that durn Vast Right Wing Conspiricy again

they'll have to pry my motorcycle from my cold dead hands
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Default Re: Buells are our friends

No, man, you're not wrong. While I can accept that Buells, for the time being, are what they are, I totally understand your point. I looked at XB9s last year and XB12s this year. For what they were asking at the time, I just thought they were too expensive for what they are. Love the way they look, love the unique engineering, I don't even hate the motor, but I just can't justify spending upwards of 11k for one. Some can, and that's fine. But it is totally reasonable to hope for an engine that is more advanced--and NOT just in terms of horspower, but also with regard to vibration, powerband, gearbox, etc.

Since I was one of the first to make a point about almost all of us never even being able to use 130+hp, I should set the record straight, IMO:

1. It is NOT wrong to hope that Buell can develop a better engine in the respects described above.

2. It is NOT wrong to criticize the current Buell engine.

3. It IS wrong to attack someone who makes a valid and thoughtful criticism of a Buell engine, and then justify it with the completely irrelevant "you're a shyte rider so what do you care anyway" reasoning.

4. It IS wrong to completely dismiss anecdotal information about Buell motorcycles. Agreed, the best way to judge is by actually riding one, but isn't this one of very reasons we read reviews, mags and MO itself?

5. It IS wrong to dismiss anyone who has a criticism about Buell as being a "squid," "Harley-hater," "poser," etc. If you stopped to think about it, you'd all realize that many of us love the idea of Buell and would love to see them do even better. Should we just shut up and let the American motorcycle industry (what little there is) become like the American auto industry of 30 or 40 years ago? Competition makes us better, folks.

6.) It IS wrong to call the Buell a bad bike because the engine architecture is antiquated. From what I've heard, for many people who ride on the street, it's a pretty damn good bike. Will a newer engine make it better? Probably. Maybe we'll get to see.

Thanks for indulging me. I'll go back to my hole now.
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Default Re: JB ya still got it.

I still got it man. what did i do with my downtime before al gore invented the internet anyway?
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Default Buells still suck

Sorry Burns but Buells suck a$$.

How can you even compare a bike with over double the displacement to the 600cc sport bikes?

How much did Harley pay the AMA to allow the BS to go on?

What's next, a tariff on 600cc sport bikes so more people will ride Buells in the Formula Extreme Class?
CBR900RR, WR426, XR50 & PW50
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Default Sleepy is here.

I just got back from 5 days in Las Vegas so I'm really sleepy.

I guess in Buttock's world participating in two MO tests, taking photographs and contributing an article on BMW's 80th shindig don't count as "contributing."

Apparently hurling insults at a bunch of guys who could probably kick his arse with one hand tied behind their backs is "contributing."
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