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12er 05-04-2004 04:13 PM

Buddy of mine just dropped off a reasonably cherry 1970 Yamaha AS1 125 twin two smoker in my garage. Hopefully I'll have her up and smoking soon.

HobbleFoot 05-04-2004 04:14 PM

Heavens!! All this time it was a Sportster that I needed. I lament the fact that I truly must be a squid for wanting more in a motor. I realize now the error of my squidly ways. Dare I ask for more than the heavy clunk of a gear shift or more breadth of powerband? No I do not! Longride, thank you, thank you for setting my people free. Enlighten me daily so as to keep me from falling from atop your high horse.

HobbleFoot 05-04-2004 05:37 PM

I find it pathetic that just because I don't like a certain motor it automatically means I don't know how to ride. Oh really, well I used to own a certain 90 degree V-twin, I'll not mention it's name but I believe it has membership with the 3-pronged holy grail of motorcycles. I've outran much sportier bikes with it in the GA mtns. and I realized skill will always outweigh hp. But still, hp can be fun. I think these old men wish they could still get excited about sport bikes. The funny thing is, most modern V-twin sportbikes don't make near the hp as the I-4s do, but many of us deem them worthy because we understand twins just don't put out as much when comparing equal displacement. If the Lightning had put a true 100hp to the rear tire I might be close to forgiveness, but still, try finding neutral. I really like the way Buells sound, the way they look, but I think if you're going to put in a narrow angle twin, make it even larger displacement and give it more torque than anything else out there and give it a wider powerband. But hey, I'm just squid, what do I know?

sqidbait 05-04-2004 06:17 PM

Re: Well, I did...
I was at Infineon this weekend and did the same test: I rode an XB12S followed by a Tuono. Same route, about 1/2 hour on each bike.

No question. If I had to buy one, it'd be the Tuono. Similar reasons to what nweaver said: better motor, tranny, seating position , higher perceived quality. I had more fun on the Aprilia. It's a really cool bike.

However, I did enjoy the XB12S. It definitely had character and attitude. I wouldn't want to tour on it, and I wouldn't pay 11K for one, but if Buell wanted to lend me one for a month I'd be happy to give it a good thrashing! I think it would make a decent play bike.

-- Michael

dnakase 05-04-2004 07:15 PM

One fewer Buell owner:

SAN DIEGO -- A motorcyclist who careened off a Mission Valley overpass died Monday after falling 60 feet and hitting a Dave & Busters Restaurant, the California Highway Patrol said.


The motorcyclist was on the Interstate 8 west, merging onto the Interstate 805 north, when he lost control and hit a guardrail around 1:30 p.m., said CHP officer Mark Gregg. The motorcycle stayed on the highway, while the man fell over the guardrail, glancing off the restaurant before landing in a commercial parking lot.

Investigators believe the motorcyclist was driving too fast to properly negotiate the interchange, which curves sharply.

A witness who happened to be in the parking lot when the motorcyclist fell, told NBC 7/39 he tried to help the man. When it became obvious he couldn't do anything, he prayed with the man.

Medics pronounced the 50-year-old man dead at the scene. Authorities have not yet released his name.

bmwclay 05-04-2004 07:16 PM

maybe keep it all Harley and cram in the V-Rod motor into the XB-9R

schizuki 05-04-2004 09:23 PM

>well-documented in the anals of

>this website

You're right, most posters here ARE pulling their opinions out of their a$$es.

cyclesteve 05-05-2004 01:28 AM

Re: A note from Eric Buell to cyclesteve
Yes I did sell the SV for the Buell XB9S. I am also happy I did. Not a bit of sellers remourse. You want pictures? Is it hard to believe I would buy the Buell that has more torque, and handles better and sell the SV? The question seems why wouldnt I buy one?

As I said I am a self proclaimed Harley hater since the 70's. Ride a Buell. I thought it was a piece of crap till I did.

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