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Default Re: missing the point

Part of the appeal of Buells is the Sporty motor pounding away, Take away the motor and the bike might be faster but it wouldn't have the fun quotiant

Buells aren't designed to be outrunning R1's and CBR100RR's, they're designed to be fun-n-funky little street blasters. I've never ridden one but my bro-in-law did and he thought it was pretty cool, I trust his judgement in all things moto almost as much as my own.

If you really want or think you need 179hp to have fun on a bike, then buy something else. I don't need it and for the kind of riding I do I think a XB12 lightning would be a pretty fun bike.

On a final note, if it's such a p.o.s., how did it manage an 8th place finnish against superior 600's? Granted 8th ain't 1st but it's better than I could do I'm sure.
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Default Re: It's not the HP that matters its the usability

Have you, yourself, personaly ever ridden one?

Other peoples opinions only count for so much on something as subjective as how much fun an individual bike is. Ride one yourself before you condem something out of hand
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Default You're right in more than one way

The F-15 (R1 or Gixxer) is also significantly more stressful and demanding. Sure I wouldn't mind hitting Mach 2.5, but taking 6 Gs on a hard turn? Hmmm, maybe not. Ditto that negative for carrying armmament too.

Of course the F-15 and the Crop Duster are used for different purposes and require different flying styles. The divergence here is that the Buell and R1 types are basically after the same style of riding. Of course Buell brands themselves as building motorcycles for the road and what we get from the Big 4 are really track bikes homologated for street purposes.

Truthfully, I might venture that the Buell may be the more "user friendly" bike for the average rider, at least in terms of ridability and real world carving, but when it comes to bang for the buck, it's hard to beat the Japanese supersports. You don't even need to get a brand new hyper-supersport. You could go back 12 years and still find yourself on a 600 with more than enough performance for the average rider. Speaking of which, anybody in the SoCal area have an F2 that they'd be willing to part with real cheap? Maybe a Ninja250 plus cash type trade? Anyone?
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Default BUELLS are good

Last month I had the opportunity to ride all the Buells at a Buell test event in the N., GA Mountains. The twists and turns of the area were a perfect area to demonstrate the bikes. My favorite was the XB9S Lightning. After 20 plus years of riding street bikes (mostly Jap) and having owned 30 plus bikes ( 5 in the garage now) I was impressed. What makes this more impressive is I am a self proclaimed Harley hater. I was shocked at how it handled corners and had very usable power. Torque my friends gets you outa corners. It is an easy bike to ride and gives me a big smile. I came home sold the SV650S and bought a XB9S. Try one before saying they are not a great bike. This is a bike for real world riding not for winning spec sheet comparisons
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A fluke this time, maybe.

It's like racing a stock DT1 in vintage MX. You place mid-pack, most of the time, but when everyone else blows up, crashes, or makes a mistake, you place real high. Call it a fluke, or fate. Luck. A good ride.

A gun is a tool, Marian; no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.
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Default Well, I did...

And I shal repeat myself.

Rode a Tuono on the same day, same route, basically same relaxed pace...

THe Buell is within $1k of the list of the Tuono (but apparently selling for $2k off list!). They are both the same niche (naked/mostlynaked sports-roadsters). But it was like night and day between the two. And it all came down to the engine.

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