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Default Task Force KooK Would Have Been Illegal

Your "answer" demonstrates the bankruptcy of your positions. First, your alleged memos are obviously not in the PDB briefing. Why not simply admit you are wrong, and move on? There is no actionable intelligence in the PDB period. Second, forming a task force (to plan what?) is not a specific action which would have done anything concrete to prevent 9/11. How about measures such as spending more money on airport scanners and security personnel such as air marshalls? Third, the FBI and the CIA could not exchange information that easily - witness the current calls for disqualification of Jamie Gorelick from the 9/11 commission for her participation in erecting a wall between the FBI counterterrorist branch and its criminal branch.

Instead of hating Bush for being Bush, why not try reasoned argument (at another site, perhaps).
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Default Re: Come on. B.S.

I no longer have the 94 stats, but all you have to do is go to the ATF.gov website. They don't have the 94 posted, it now starts @ 2000. (http://www.atf.gov/aexis2/index.htm). Here is a sample of 2000 in six years it's almost doubled.;


total, injured, killed, damage

ACTUAL 506 43 8 $414,655

ACTUAL INCENDIARY 134 7 7 $4,843,321

ATTEMPTED 86 0 0 $5


PREMATURE EXPLOSION 36 31 4 $375,000

Total: 807 81 19 $5,634,681

Ah it's should be lined up in columns. You can figure it out. Rant, rave ,and say it isn't true but it won't change the truth. I have no reason to lie.

I almost bought a Buell! I love the looks also. I have a BMW K1200GT, my wife likes it. Comfortable two up. But I should have bought the Yamaha FJR1300!!
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Default Re: This has nothing to do with motorcycles

You're not countering lie's your ranting and raving like a mad man. Sorry man read your own stuff, you even called me a liar and you have no clue who I am.

You want more facts?

Back to bikes I'm getting old enough I'm thinking about the the new Vincent (http://www.vincentmotors.com) or Norton (http://www.nortonmotorcycles.com/). Anybody hear anymore about them? Hey MO how about a review??
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Default Re: Long term reliability of Buell lightning?

I have a 1998 Buell S3 which I bought new. Its got over 30,000 miles on it now and have never failed me. Then engine has not been touched except for maintenance. The only problems I had were with the original ruber isolators which were a known issue and replaced under warrenty. Hope this help.
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Default Re: Fingers.

I would say he IS Jay Leno but he doesn't own enough bikes!

Wonder if he's related?
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