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Default Re: Cooling and reliability.

I love the new Buells especially the XB12S. I had an SV650 and the thing was great in the mountains and for commuting. I noticed MO said the XB9R weighed 420lbs fueled up. My SV weighed 426lbs. Basically, you're looking at a bike (the XB) that weighs as little as a current supersport 600 but has enough torque to pull stumps out of the ground. The thing about the SV is that even though it had the same peak torque as an R6, it made the torque much lower in the rev range giving it incredible pull off mountain corners. The three things I wonder about with the new Buells are:

1. How quickly does the engine rev, how free-revving is it? I had a Nighhawk 750 with hydraulic valves which made for slowrevving boredom. Of course, through its rev range, it wasn't making a whole lot of power which probably had more to do with it. The SV had comparable power but weighed less and revved to the moon despite the fact I redlinned it all the time at 10,500rpms. 7,000rpms for the new XB12S and one less gear. I'm going to be shifting sooner and running out of gears. I hope I'm wrong.

2. The SV was a great handling bike and could hang with more sportbikes than you would think. However, the forks were two soft in the mountains. Everwhere else they were fine, but in the mountains, the bike would have inspired more confidence had the thing been a little more buttoned down. Are the new Buells better suspended? I know they have more adjustability than the SV, but how do they compare?

3. Brakes. The SV had much better stopping power than the Nighthawk 750, but I always wanted more. How does the XB12S or XB9 compare?

Thanks for any info. any of you can provide.
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Default Re: Cooling and reliability.

I have ridden my friends XB9R with race kit and can tell you it is different from any other bike just like all the articles on it say. You need to go test ride the bike yourself.

Forget this revving stuff. For instance, with the both cars in neutral, a stock 2003 Honda Civic will out rev a stock 1970 Chevelle SS 396. Yes, you don't even want to know what will happen to the stock Civic in a race. Yes, the Buell may rev slower sitting there at the dealer standing beside the bike. But, I dare you to go ride it, run the crap out of it and tell me you don't have a strange smile on your face, and a strange desire to go ride again and again and again.

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Default Re: Cooling and reliability.

I have a 2001 X1 with 13,500 miles on it. I've ridden as much as 940miles in a day and just recently got back fom AMA vintage days where I spend a lot of time idling in 90+ weather. The bike has never had a noticeable cooling problem. It will ping under heavy load @ low rpm when hot. I run the HD 360 oil, but I'll be switching to Mobil 1 at some point.

My biggest problem with the bike is that its the dealerships either don't know how or don't care to fix the problem. The warranty is only good for things that can be diagnosed looking at the bike while its parked.

To date I've had the follwing issues:

rocker box leaks, from and back (back twice front once)

Engine temp sensor at aprox 2500 miles

Speedo sensor at approx 12K

Rear belt at just past 13K

primary side crank seal at just past 13K

I've done the following mods (you can see them at http://x1.mbsween.com )

E-series Slip on

Race ECM

gutted airbox

I'm doing the following

force air intake

xb9 rocker boxes

The experience is mostly good, again what pisses me off the most about Buell is the dealerships, specifically the service departments.

I've been to 4 different dealers (Cyclestop roch ny, Jamestown Harley jamestown, ny, Souther Tier HD, binghampton ny, Centennial HD , columbus oh). With 3 of the dealers the problem was not fixed not or the problem re-occured with 200 miles of leaving. In Jamestown HDs defense, the Cyclestop switched ECMs so the Jamestown guys didn't have the info needed to fix the problem. The other dealer did a nice job mechanically, but they kept the bike for 25 days.

So to sum it up, if you don't mind leaks or messing with rocker boxes and puke pipes, go for it. Remember, these comments are about the older tube frame bikes, supposedly the XB9 and 12 are much better about retaining fluids.

There are a lot of bikes out there that are fun to ride, Buells just happen to be more fun than most in my opinion. Unless you go see Aaron up at Nallin Brothers, you will get killed in straight line contests. But like the other guy said the twisties are another story.

If you want more, really detailed info, got to http://www.badweatherbikers.com .
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Default Re: All bikes are liquid cooled.

Yes, Honda should be suspect due to Yuasa battery failure, since Honda is who specifies that that battery should be used in their bike. Its no different than if any other part of the bike failed- they decided to use that part in their bike.
\"I knew it. I\'m surrounded by a$$holes.\" [b][i]Lord Helmet, Spaceballs
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Default Re: Three Buell Owners Speak

As an '01 M2 owner in the UK, I'd like to agree with the (generally) favourable comments from other Buell owners. I commute 100 miles a day on my M2, fair weather and foul. I have now done 11000 miles, and have only experienced 2 problems, a blown speedo sensor, and replacement of the rocker-box gaskets, tho' the latter was only prompted by a small oil leak on the back gasket. Since then, no problems. This is by second M2, I had a '97 originally (from the recall horror years), but I only had the side-stand switch go on that. (I fixed that: just ripped the bugger off!). Did 8500 miles on that one, sold it when I was working abroad, regretted it, bought another. Neither of my M2's has ever left me stranded. Overheating (as you may imagine) is not a big problem in the UK. I get an average of 53mpg imperial (= 42mpg US), tho' my commute is at 80-90 mph for virtually the whole journey. My only other thought: Use your Buell every day, they like it that way. I am tempted by the XB series bikes, but don't think I'd ever sell the M2. I think that with the XB's Erik & his crew have created a couple of unique, drop-dead-gorgeous bikes to be proud of. I hope he sticks to his design-guns as time goes by. "Evolution, not Revolution", if you get my drift.
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Default Re: Cooling and reliability.


I'm a Finn, living these days in Cologne, Germany. I have had 3 Buell and still have 2 of them (and XB12 is being considered.

Bikes in chronological order, all measured in kilometres, litres and Celsius degrees (became rather long story, hopefully not long and boring):

X1 -99 Racing Stripe limited edition no. 17/350:

-I bought the bike 03/2000 in Finland, had all recalls done so I didn't suffer about the teething problems of –99 X1

-Vance & Hines SSR2 exhaust and K & N air filter

No problems at all, the bike used 3.7 to 5.5 litres/100 km; 3,7 in Finland travelling secondary roads in average 90-100 km/h, 5.5 on holiday (Germany Autobahn –no speed limits, travelling speed btw. 180 and 200 km/h). Meant that 300km operating range was possible always. Oil consumption roughly 0.5 litres/1000km (mineral 20W50). 28000 km ridden when I sold the bike to a friend of mine (I moved to Germany 11/2000) and the only problem she have had was a faulty speedo sensor. Now about 50000km ridden and works like new.

-Due to colder climate cooling was newer a problem

X1 –00 Racing Stripe limited edition no. 306/350:

-Now the funny thing with the bike is that is no. 306 of limited edition –99 but the bike in it’s self is model year 2000. I bought the bike as a first-thing-to-do on arrival to Germany 12/2000. Second hand, 5000km ridden.

-HSA exhaust. The problem here is that this is the only legal after-market exhaust and if you get caught with illegal one you had a BIG problem (bike stops there, you’ll get fined, licence plates back only when proved that bike is again legal, maybe even insurance is not valid etc.). Works better than original but nowhere near as good as V & H.

-Takes roughly 0.5 litre more petrol that the earlier one (exhaust…). Oil consumption the same.

-Big difference btw. –99 and –00 is that the flywheel is lighter so the throttle response should be faster. Bull***** –with open exhaust the –99 responds a lot faster. So light flywheel helps but nothing beats open exhaust…

-Upper end caskets (cylinders, heads, rocker boxes) changed once at 50000km. The read cylinder’s lower casket was leaking a little bit (more cosmetic, but needed to be done to avoid the bike being declared as a ecological disaster zone so once taken apart I had both cylinders done at the same go.

-Voltage regulator died on me. I got new one plus new battery for free even though warranty had expired 3 months earlier.

Other that that –no problems. Now 65000km ridden and works fine. A lot of kilometres come from going to work. 65km one way, mostly autobahn so travelling speed is btw 160 and 180 km/h

35-40 degrees is not a rarity here during the summer and tail backs are newer a rarity. The bike shows signs of getting hot if stuck in the traffic so if I have to stand still longer I kill the engine with switch (what ever the red kill-the-engine-switch in the right handle bar is called).

XB9R –02 (or –03. Officially I think it is –03, but who cares):

-I bought the XB9R in July last year. The reason was that at that point X1 was already 60000km ridden and I’m planning to keep the X1 “forever” so something needed to be done. Solution: XB9R gathers everyday kilometres and X1 is a part time pensioner and goes out just time-to-time on a good weather.

-Problems with XB9R:

-NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I expected some problems with the first model year but there has been none. The bike doesn’t even use oil (less that 0.05l/1000km doesn’t count a “using oil”. Weird phenomena in a 1000cc air-cooled V-2… And shows no cooling problems no matter how hot it is and how slow is the traffic.

-I was a bit bothered in the beginning about the engine (turn the throttle and It just goes). X1 has more illusionary horsepower; full acceleration and you can hear and feel that there is serious business going on at the engine department. Now, after one year, I’ve got used to it and doesn’t really miss it.

-Takes again roughly 0.5 litre more petrol. Most probably due to that the bike is fully original (legal, more open exhaust that also would work better than original is not available). Keep speed below 160km/h and 200km operating range, with safety margin, is yours.

-19000km done and no sign of wear and tear.

So, more that 100 000 km on a Buell and the next move probably is to change XB9R to XB12R. Go figure



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Default Re: Cooling and reliability.

Very Interesting but...

if the Buell shuts off when it overheats what do you do? Pull over and wait for it to cool down? Hmm. Sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

The EFI managment system should compensate for this condition somehow.

What does the Sprint do when it overheats?

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