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Gixxerboy 04-27-2001 06:43 AM

Re: BMW Riders Needed
Ok, I think I win this one:

Suzuki Marauder ;-)

CBR1000F 04-27-2001 07:30 AM

Re: BMW Riders Needed
Well, IMHO, the Honda Pacific Coast is extraordinarily ugly... but not the ugliest.

On the other hand, this is why they make all kinds of bikes, isn't it? :)

CBR1000F 04-27-2001 07:33 AM

Re: BMW Riders Needed
And that my friend, is why they make different kinds of bikes. I'm glad your GS makes you happy.


Small 04-27-2001 07:38 AM

Re: BMW Riders Needed
Hey I never said I did not think Jap bikes are great. I have owned a 95 Magna before my 1000R. It was hard for me to get rid of the Magna, but once I rode the Beemer, there was no going back.

So BMW does not make a serious sport bike, I am not a serious sport bike rider. Neither are 98% of the jokers on the road. I have taken my bike out on the twisties and dropped a couple of guys on 600 class race replicas. Is my bike faster? No. But unless they push their bikes to the outer limits, the Beemers will do just fine, and you know what? After a couple hundred miles I still feel good, better than I ever did on my Magna. There are lots of "good" bikes on the road, but every time I get off mine, I know I have one of the best ones on the road. At least for what I want in a bike.

Sport bikes are super neat, but I will take the torque of a boxer any day of the week.

Gixxerboy 04-27-2001 08:04 AM

Re: BMW Riders Needed
It's not copper... it's pink!

Kawasaki did it with their ZX11 one year (wierd pinky colour) and it didn't sell - the black one's certainly did though. Too bad Suzuki couldn't learn.

Perhaps colour doesn't matter when you're the baddest GT out there... whatever.

nebo 04-27-2001 08:09 AM

Re: BMW Riders Needed
I owned a BMW R90 for 15 years and it had trouble every year. I bought a Suzuki Bandit and I never have to do a thing to it ,and it cost half as much as the BMWs. I don't buy the German quality thing at all. It's a torque monster too.

12er 05-01-2001 09:45 AM

Re: BMW Riders Needed
Motocross trails? Come on lets keep a little reality in the discussion. Granted your not going to take a 600lb machine over a set of triples. But if you need to get almost anywhere in the world a GS is the best bike on the planet to do it. I dont know of any other bike that can do as much as comfortable as the GS as well as hauling as much with you. They'll cruise along at over 100 mph for hours on end, out handle 80% of the bikes out there. The GS cannot be compared with Ducati, Harley and others. Doubt me? Take one for a demo ride, it speaks for itself. I almost bought one, but bought a 02 K1200RS instead (cant rave enough about that one). And I already have a 00 KLR 650, though that thing blows compared to the GS...

12er 05-01-2001 10:04 AM

Re: BMW Riders Needed
Now the fallen off quote I just dont get. I see my 02 K1200RS as the most advanced bike out there. Power assisted ABS brakes, anyone else out there with that? Telelever from suspension that doesnt dive when you hit the brakes but still soaks up the bumps under hard braking. Cruise control, not a throttle lock. Everything you touch is adjustable for touring or sport play. Then the motor that just cant be discribed without riding one. The power is there at 1000rpm all the way to redline. Torque for days, great aerodynamics. Granted its almost twice the weight of an R1 but I love that weight when you get hit by a 40mph cross wind. Actually most of the weight vanishes at speed. Ive never ridden anything that stops as fast or as controlled. Price is a factor but it made me sell my car, I have no need for it anymore.

starvingstudent 05-07-2001 02:06 PM

Re: BMW Riders Needed
Now all they need is "Six-digit income optional."

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