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SugarMrPoon 04-26-2001 11:48 AM

Re: BMW Riders Needed

abhorred 04-26-2001 12:36 PM

Re: BMW Riders Needed
ooh, this is intelligent. Volume = quality. Er, no.

Just like 'the Honda Accord is the best selling car in America'....snore. Average quality components. Average lifespan. Well designed and executed build. Nothing to get excited about. Same as Toyota and Nissan, Suzuki, Kawasaki, etc. The Japanese engineering philosophy is different. As is the American and German approach.

BMW - simple proven design, applied technologies as appropriate, use best quality materials, put them together, sometimes force fit them together. Target low volume premium markets. They cater to the real riders who need machines that run big miles all year in all conditions. The customers will maintain the machines well and are open to fixing some of the character issues from the engineering approach as long as the machine stands up to the use.

Honda (Japan) - make everything fit together nice and be functional and easy to build. Use lower quality materials that corrode and fail over time but can be cheaply replaced. Make initial quality and perceived quality most important. Cater to people who ride low to medium miles and not subject machines to adverse conditions. These customers also think low-no maintenance = high quality so make tradeoffs accordingly.

US - ummmm - Harley?

john 04-26-2001 01:06 PM

Re: BMW Riders Needed
Small, now exactly why would somebody be jealous of a bike that decks the ground with their cylinder heads???? Boxer motors? HAHAHAHAHAHA. There is a reason BMW no longer makes a serious roadracer: they have fallen off the pace of technology. Oh sure, they can slap heated handgrips and ABS on a roadhog, but it seems that is all they do now. Actually i like BMW's, I just dont like people who try to force their ignorance unto others.

CBR1000F 04-26-2001 01:11 PM

Re: BMW Riders Needed
Hmmm, lets see....

I've put 26,000 miles on my Honda since last May when I bought it, riding 24/7 in all sorts of weather conditions. Is that low - medium miles? Just curious.

sqidbait 04-26-2001 01:36 PM

Re: BMW Riders Needed
Everything that I've seen written about Honda

Accord quality/longevity has suggested that

the only other vehicle in its class that is

comparable is the Toyota Camry.

I know of several people personally that have

driven these cars to pretty high mileages

( 200,000+ ) with remarkably few problems.

Same goes for the bikes. VFRs, STs, and Goldwings

are known for being able to run forever. ( Granted,

VFRs have the voltage regulator "character

issue"... )

"Ride" ( or was it "Bike"? ) found the CBR900 to

be the most reliable bike made. Didn't SportRider

have an article on a '93 900RR that had been

used as a commuter and had gone 300,000+


I imagine that high mileage CBRs are more

infrequently seen than high mileage BMWs

for the simple fact that as sportbikes they

probably get crashed out more frequently.

Honda isn't above reproach, but they seem

to have an enviable record. They seem to make

high quality products for a fair price.

-- Michael

( And I don't own a Honda motorcycle BTW.

I have two Kawasakis. )

crg 04-26-2001 03:03 PM

Re: BMW Riders Needed
I like the disclaimer they have on thier new commercials: "Sanity Optional"

ej 04-26-2001 03:29 PM

Re: BMW Riders Needed
Yes .. . . Lets have some of that new BMW winning F1 engine technology in a lightweight motorcycle frame with Ohlins all round (Yamaha-permitting) from your Swedish friends . . .forget the tele-lever this time.. ..and you will have riders crossing the world to ride the baby in any commercial. Make it a v5 engine if you HAVE TO be original. But one more thing .. . . . the Japanese brothers - Sochiro Honda's boys wouldn't have much problem with you borrowing some 'unique' body-styling ideas from them. . .. . look around my german buddies. . .everybody is ripping off car & bike design since Daimler built the first of each in 1885 and 1886 respectively across the way from you there in Stuttgart. Style the body like a Jap bike - It doesn't get better than that. God Bless the work!

mac1 04-26-2001 06:34 PM

Re: BMW Riders Needed
What?! Apparently you haven't seen a Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle Road Glide. Now THAT'S uuuuuuuuuuuuugly.

kcobb 04-26-2001 06:39 PM

Re: BMW Riders Needed
I don't know, to me the GS is just weird. What's the deal with that higher front fender anyway? Their bikes just don't appeal to me, especially for the price. Great cars, though.

To me, the ugliest bike is the MV Agusta Brutale. Great name for a naked Monster-type bike, but just plain ooglay.

mac1 04-26-2001 07:39 PM

Re: BMW Riders Needed
I'm curious, too. You claim to have driven 26,000 miles on a CBR1000F in less than a year--including a break-in period when you bought it in May--riding constantly ("..24/7...") in all kinds of weather. Let's see.....since you ride farther than 65% of all Goldwing riders, how in the world do you find time to post all of these comments on this and other boards, and still have time to ride "constantly?" For example, today, April 26, your first post was at 9:31 PDT, and your last was at 15:11 PDT, a six hour time span, with two posts in between. Either you typed your first post, ran out and drove 100 miles or so, came home and typed another post, ran out and drove another 100 miles or so, and kept doing that for six hours, or you have some kind of a mobile computer unit in the tank bag of your sport bike. Please let me know, because I'm curious.

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