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tbuse 04-02-2001 04:49 AM

Re: BMW Twins Reader Feedback
This is amusing. One one whiff of H-D in the article, yet one of the first posts has to bash Harley to justify his purchase of his beemer.

tbuse 04-02-2001 04:58 AM

Re: BMW Twins Reader Feedback
It may just be that I'm not used to BMWs; there isn't a dealer within 2½ hours drive of Pensacola, Florida. With that caveat, I have to say those are both incredibly ugly bikes. The front fender of the R looks as if someone spilled some plastic & decided to call it a fender. And exactly what is that shelf behind the "solo seat"? The bug eyed fairing on the RT is strange also. I can appreciate the technology involved and the excellant thought given to braking system. (BMW apparently realizes that most competent riders want the back brake pedal to work only the back brake for a reason. Honda doesn't seem to understand this.) But, damn, they have to make it so ugly?

tbuse 04-02-2001 05:01 AM

Re: BMW Twins Reader Feedback
Sorry, Monday morning stiff typing fingers. Should read "Not one whiff......"

LimeSqueezr 04-02-2001 05:04 AM

Yeah they can buy the tooling from URAL ;-) n/t

tbuse 04-02-2001 05:25 AM

Re: Opposed twin engines
Harley made opposed twins on two occasions. In the late teens, early 20s, the Sport model was an opposed twin with the engine in line with the frame. It was underpowered & never sold well. In World War Two, Harley made the XA, a boxer twin with shaft drive that was a direct copy of a german bike. They made it at the request of the government, but only about 1000 were made.

LimeSqueezr 04-02-2001 05:49 AM

Don't hold your breath...
BMW is about as likely to do that as they are to offer a Z3 at the same price as a Miata, and if they did offer such a bike they wouldn't produce enough to meet demand for fear of cannibalizing more profitable models so you'd end up paying more than $6999 due to the inevitable "vaseline tax" that accompanies short supply.

I'd like to see such a bike too though I doubt if it would dominate the retro standard market (to do that you've got to outsell the HD 883 which, contrary to popular belief, in *base* form is a standard just as it has been since 1957 when there was no such thing as a "cruiser"). I think they could sell at least as many 800cc air-cooled retro standards as Triumph and a lot more than Kawasaki whose W650 is a nice machine but bound to go the way of Honda's GB500 (a shame since that was far and away the prettiest Honda ever made!)

mwyoung 04-02-2001 06:29 AM

Re: BMW Twins Reader Feedback
From the reports I've heard from owners of these new bikes, they're considerably smoother, likely due to the new 6th gear.

I'm also curious, did you keep your R1100R long enough for the motor to break in? My R1100RS had the same feeling until around 10,000 miles. It's not uncommon for oilhead BMWs to have a VERY long break-in period, after which the smooth-out considerably.

mwyoung 04-02-2001 06:31 AM

Re: BMW Twins Reader Feedback
You say "singles do nothing for me".

This is a TWIN.

moonline 04-02-2001 06:38 AM

Re: BMW Twins Reader Feedback
Holy crapoloa! Are those numbers right? BMW only sold 12,000 bikes in the US. No wonder they are so expensive - no way to achieve any economy of scale. Based upon the numbers of them I see around San Francisco, obviously everyone ever imported in the US is still on the road, which says beaucoup for reliability. BTW, why aren't Harley's nearly free, being as they produce over 200,000 per year. Also, my local Honda dealer is only getting 3 (three!) VTX's this year. So, obviously, I won't get to actually ride one before I decide whether or not to purchase one. That bites, so I will just stick to my four year old bike which sure isn't as shiny as some of the new ones.

dirtybmxr 04-02-2001 07:33 AM

Re: BMW Twins Reader Feedback
He was refering to smaller, lower-powered alternatives to this twin.

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