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sarnali 12-02-2004 05:29 AM

Re: I am finished with BMW
You already own the best bike BMW made, no need to change

lcarlson 12-02-2004 05:32 AM

Re: New BMW R1200s, St and RT
The R1150R is a beautiful bike, and doesn't depend on a lot of plastic to make it so -

sarnali 12-02-2004 05:47 AM

Re: But.....
I'm going to the IMS next weekend, I'll see how they look in person. I thought the last version of the R1150RT was good looking, in fact I think BMW's in general look pretty good. But then I think MultiStradas are cool too......

I just object to top dollar for *****-poor F.I. systems and pot metal transmissions and drive shafts. The Beemers I had in the eighties were great bikes, I think they lost their way in the last few years and are trading in on their reputation now.

sarnali 12-02-2004 05:49 AM

Re: If idiot boy had his way...
You have to say modi-spunk-wad in stead of modic-u-m

sarnali 12-02-2004 05:56 AM

Re: I know the true identity of Idiot Boy
They see you, but you don't see them...They're tracking every punchstroke of your computer..... Everytime you use your Club Card at Safeway or your debit card, the information goes to the IRS and from there, to your health care provider........the OBD11 system on your car is broadcasting a signal to the black NATO helicopters waiting just over the Canadian border tracking yours and your familys movements...................

They're waiting.........

seruzawa 12-02-2004 06:57 AM

Re: I know the true identity of Idiot Boy
Don't forget the 50,000 Chinese troops hiding in Montana.......

And George Bush Sr is orbiting Iran in an SR71....

And the US Navy's submarine fleet has mutinied and is hiding near the Marianas Trench....

Make one of these before KBucket buys up the last of the tin foil.

RidinDawgDoc 12-02-2004 08:27 AM

Re: New BMW R1200s, St and RT
Well, my first reaction to the new St and Rt is less than favorable. But, then I remember that was the same reaction I had to the Ducati 999 until I saw it in person. Like seeing an entirely different bike. I am hoping for the same with the Beemers, because they are certainly not eye candy in the photos. Maybe eye vinegar?

jungkvist 12-03-2004 03:08 PM

Re: I know the true identity of Idiot Boy
Damn it! Somebody around here's got some Acid, and they ain't sharin. Now, cough it up!

BTW...The piece of ReBar I got stuck through my head (the one that vibrates everytime aliens are around) has been goin nuts lately. Guess I better climb into my aluminium pyramid and wait 'til they go away.

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