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SpongeBOB 03-07-2003 10:10 AM

Re: '04 BMW All New Boxer engines!!!!
is the bike smaller?

or is it just a big German dude riding on it.

it would be nice if the new R1150GS were little smaller & lighter.

rider_md 03-07-2003 10:28 AM

Re: '04 BMW All New Boxer engines!!!!
Ah, I knew there was a catch to the ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLY good finance rates going on w/ bmw motorcycles '02 & '03...

Man, they were so good I was considering buying a boxer twin myself... that or the dual sport dakar single pot.

If you put this possible sneak peek together with the awesome deals that are going for the inventory of '03s PLUS the fact that beemer seems to change models every 4 years or so...

it all makes sense. bmw is coming out with a bunch of newly designed models & (HOPEFULLY) engines.

how bout a bmw superbike? (hello BMW?) (not likely)

The_Aerodynamic_Head 03-07-2003 03:00 PM

Re: '04 BMW All New Boxer engines!!!!
Well, does 6'3" qualify as tall?

If yes, I wonder where the 'tall' qualifier cut-off is. And if no, why does my bra keep riding up like that?

The_Aerodynamic_Head 03-07-2003 03:05 PM

Re: '04 BMW All New Boxer engines!!!!
So, wait. I just went:

883 Sporty--Road King--GS Adventure, from August '02-present.

And now you're saying E-Glide?!

Am I allowed to hate you, Buz?

Actually, I really have always liked the Road Glide, a lot.

I've got to be the only guy on the planet that changes bikes this quickly.

The_Aerodynamic_Head 03-07-2003 03:12 PM

It's Ivan Drago from Rocky 4.

Big German guy, indeed!

Buzglyd 03-07-2003 05:59 PM

Re: '04 BMW All New Boxer engines!!!!
I'm just messin' with ya. My neighbor has an '03 Road Glide. I've put some miles on it and I like it also. He put the chopped tourpak on it and it looks cool.

I wanted the Geezer glide just because it has the classic Harley proportions and you know, I'm in my 30s now so why wait until the last minute to have an old timey motorcycle.

I still have the Duc when I feel like riding like ALL CAPS GUY.

seruzawa 03-08-2003 08:09 AM

Re: '04 BMW All New Boxer engines!!!!
I was referring to the comments that seem to come up on MO where HD gets lambasted for doing the same sort of thing that BMW gets complimented for.

I'm well aware that the Beemer crowd has a large component that is just as arrogant and resistant to change as that portion of the HD crowd.

captainwhoopass 03-10-2003 11:04 AM

Re: Legal regs
Yes, and it's probably restricted to 100bhp, just like all bikes there.

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