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Gabe 11-19-2000 07:06 AM

San Jose BMW is a good start...
Then Matt Capri's business, whatever it's called now. It used to be Luftmeister, but now it's a BMW dealer in SoCal somewhere.

Warning- modifying your K bike is a risky proposal. Expect to spend a lot of money for not a lot of gains, and decreased reliability.

It would be much cheaper to just buy a used japanese sportbike.

Gabe 11-19-2000 06:34 PM

(sing) Stop draggin, stop draggin, stop draggin..
Your heads around! If you hit a bump mid-corner with your head decked out, it can bump the rear tire into the air and cause a high-side, just as if you were sliding in some oil.

I found this out the hard way on my '77 R100 with rear-sets (cylinders touched before the footpegs). I high-sided it up on Mount Hamilton and broke my leg.

One way to get more ground clearance but with more traction is to hang off the bike more- alters the c of g and gives you a little more confidence in the corners.

Scuffed valve covers are the ultimate badge of courage for the beemer rider, though. Especially on a GS!

But if you have reached this bike's limit on the road, for god's sake, man, you probably passed ANY machine's street-riding limit a long time ago! Slow down!

Take it from me, I've crashed 5 times this year! (please don't insult my riding- I'm actually pretty good.)

CYCLE_MONKEY 11-20-2000 02:50 AM

Re: Delusions of Ducati: MO's BMW R1100S Hop-Up
$1,300 for a pipe? Maybe they should change the company name to REAM-US.

NickdaBrick 11-20-2000 03:50 AM

Re: Delusions of Ducati: MO's BMW R1100S Hop-Up
That's a lot of money for just a little improvement. But hey, who can criticize? Cruiser owners routinely shell out huge bux for little chrome geegaws and things that don't improve performance at all. In fact, they shell out more money to make their bike perform worse, like lower shocks, etcetera.

Of course, the R100S looks like it's been soaked with the ugly hose, but to each his own. . . I guess.

Durandel 11-20-2000 04:02 AM

Sporty Touring or Comfortable Sportbike?
I've been searching the market for bike that will satisfy my motorcycling desires that seem to change with the wind. I still love the sporty styling of a good sportbike but get discouraged because i want to clock some serious miles.

This bike is very comfortable. The open view of the rear wheel is unique and attractive. I dont care much for the style of the headlights.

When Spring 2001 rolls around this bike will be a serious contender. I might take the safe bet and go with Honda's CBR929.

Anyone here ride the new ZX-9R? Ive heard that it was pretty comfortable as well?

Oh.. btw.. I would buy the 1300 exhaust kit for the R1100S. :)


FrankS 11-20-2000 05:16 AM

Re: Delusions of Ducati: MO''''s BMW R1100S Hop-Up
On some kinds of road surfaces a BMW is superior, and that's that.

DucatiRed certainly would tell you that frost heaves and potholes "don't count". But they have them out on the highways. I have minimal skills, and I didn't even pass a collection of Japanese and Duc riders, but there were reasons.

I overtook them on some twisties, but was familiar enough with the road in question to know that there were blind curves ahead. The older I become, the more likely it is that around the next blind curve is a refrigerator on the road, and the pickup that dropped it stopped blocking both lanes.. So I fell in behind, and decided to play the same game I do with cages, namely fall back and catch up in the curve. The line was long enough that I had a pretty good chance of getting stopped before rolling over the wreckage of the leaders of the pack.

Actually, the riders had plenty of guts. Not only did they take the curves faster than clear sight distance allowed, but the bikes were clearly dancing out on the bumps, yet they didn't back off. It took less guts to have my BMW stay with them, especially since the Ohlins shocks were keeping my tires on the road very nicely.

The squids here, anonymous or otherwise, would have passed on the outside, I suppose, but I really didn't like the notion of some multicolored plastic from Japan or red plastic from Italy sliding out into me.. And when we all stopped, I could have offered to swap with someone, but who needs that humiliation? At least the BMW overcame some skill and guts differences.

I agree with some of the other messages. Money for Ohlins suspension is far more worth while than money for engine hop-ups. If you want to go fast, get one of the big Japanese fire breathers, your BMW will never be in the 180 mph category anyhow.

motorcyclerider 11-20-2000 07:24 AM

Re: Delusions of Ducati: MO's BMW R1100S Hop-Up
Wow, no wonder I can't afford a BMW anymore, with attitudes of spend thrift's like MO's doing, BMW's have been priced out of the "working man's" income scale!!

I had a excellent 87 K100RS and should have never sold it, although it would have 200,000 miles on it by now and need work or replacement. The most inexpensive BMW (not including the F650 GS), is the R1150R standard at a insane $12,000 dollars for a naked bike!!

Personally, I'm a K-Bike fan, I paid $5,000 for my 87 in 91, now a K-RS would cost me $16,000+, you can sure tell that both BMW & Ducati have decided to "Harleyize" their machines. We used to kid about BMW rider's being "Blue Blood Rich boy Snobs", now it seems to be much closer to the truth, truely SAD! JMNSHO

BJ Ondo

80 Suzuki GS 1100E


Durandel 11-20-2000 07:36 AM

Re: Delusions of Ducati: MO''''''''s BMW R1100S Hop-Up
BMWs inability to keep supply up with demand doesnt give anyone the right to stereotype the people who ride BMW's.

Say what you will about BMW, their automotive lineup is not cheap and neither are their bikes, but the last thing the motorcycle community needs is more stereotyping of its members.

bobdog 11-21-2000 06:41 PM

the pipes blow, but what about the arm?
The pipes in the hop-up are a waste of money. I notice the catalytic converter is missing now, so the bike pollutes more as well. A shame, after all the German engineering. What I'm really interested in is the paralever arm. I'm not sure on the S, but on the other models, the stock arm is two pieces of cheesy sheet metal, and I've heard the more rigid replacement dramatically improves handling and throttle response. But what does this mean to the internal forces inside the driveline? Anybody with any yays or nays on the CC Products paralever arm please reply.

newwave 01-14-2001 05:09 AM

Re: Delusions of Ducati: MO
Can you supply more info on the Laser sport collector? E-mail address?

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