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seruzawa 03-12-2007 11:27 AM

Re: SXV 4.5: Your Face Is Not Meant to Smile Like This!
This is being marketed as an all out racing machine and the target is the spare-no-expense crowd. I'm sure there are enough of those guys to buy up the numbers Aprilia plans to build.

SmokeU 03-12-2007 11:47 AM

Re: SXV 4.5: Your Face Is Not Meant to Smile Like This!
The Yamaha 450 motocross and ATVs need 50 hour top end rebuilds according to the owners manual.

They sell like hotcakes.

acecycleins 03-12-2007 11:52 AM

Re: SXV 4.5: Your Face Is Not Meant to Smile Like This!
That is true. The bike wasn't designed for the inexperienced. It's a true "competition" motor. Live by the schedule or your bike will hate you.

manalagi001 03-12-2007 12:49 PM

Re: SXV 4.5: Your Face Is Not Meant to Smile Like This!
Those are normal service intervals for competition off-road machines. 50 hrs is a lot of racing. Not a lot of commuting, but a lot of racing. Imagine going to the track for two hours of laps, twice a month, for a year. You'd be pretty in shape, and pretty sharp on the track. And it would be about time for a top-end, or at least an inspection and rings.

I'm just disappointed that the model is not street legal in California. Bummer. But, with the Huskies and the new KTM 690 out, I've nothing to cry about. We have some great options!

SeanAlexander 03-12-2007 12:55 PM

The School of BAD Ideas

Please my MO Brothers; do NOT ride this: "The exhaust served as the 3rd leg, so there was no need to hang off of the bike like a fool and stick our your knee. You lose time doing things like that. I like to be on the gas going side to side like I am sure you do."

Using hard parts as a lean guage is a great way to crash. Sticking your knee way out in a desperate attempt to touch it down is lame and will indeed slow you down, but it's a hell of a lot safer than dragging the exhaust.

The best technique is to use your knee as a guage of your lean angle and an emergency support for the front-end should it start to tuck. But it isn't a tripod leg any more than the exhaust is.


Gluge 03-12-2007 01:17 PM

Re: SXV 4.5: Your Face Is Not Meant to Smile Like This!
That's the RACE matenace schedual I'm sure.

Street vs race = very different. Take a bike that will go 15k miles bettween rebuilds on the street to the track and it'll last 1k. (at least that's how the aprilia RS250 is)

BrowningBAR 03-12-2007 01:27 PM

Re: SXV 4.5: Your Face Is Not Meant to Smile Like This!
Ok, so we are back to the main point.

How many miles does this guy have on his bike?

What was he told when he bought the bike?

What is the maintenance schedule?

The Motard is being advertised as a street bike, right? So is this different than the dirtbike set up?

acecycleins 03-12-2007 01:52 PM

Re: SXV 4.5: Your Face Is Not Meant to Smile Like This!
Wrong you are sir. There is NO difference between the motors. Aprilia, KTM, Husky, ATK, Yamaha and Kawi's "450 competition" motors are all set up for 8 hr valve 45-50 hr top-end adjustments.

Aprilia DOESN'T sell "street-legal" versions in the US because of this. They don't want reliability issues to pop up because "uneducated" riders don't understand the difference between "competition" and street versions of motors.

ewok1 03-12-2007 03:09 PM

Re: The School of BAD Ideas
got to agree. i would add your knee isn't much help if the front goes. i've heard guys say they saved a low side that way, but its never been my experience. one minute your golden, then the bars twist out of your hands and loud scraping noises ensue.

i do think hanging off will help your corner speeds.

turnburners 03-12-2007 03:43 PM

Re: SXV 4.5: Your Face Is Not Meant to Smile Like This!
Let me start by saying this: I love the Aprilia 4.5. The 5.5 is another story and has a really bad rap for breaking down. My buddy has one and hates it, always in the shop and has not hit 1k miles yet. My experience to date with the "street legal 4.5" has been FANTASTIC and I beat the crap out of the thing! Now to answer your questions.

Located: Honolulu, HI

Price: $9,300. Extra $$$ to make "street legal" which is done with 0 mods to the bike but by taking it to a state inspector who confirms that the "factory baja kit" on the bike meets DOT requirements. Extra $1,000.00 but worth it!

Miles: 2600

Maintenance: Similar to Ducati and around $200 for valve adjustment. ALL SUPERMOTO BIKES require about the same amount of maintenance because they are after all, "race ready". Much, much, much cheaper than a Duc service. And Ducati Service really sucks now that they have gone mainstream. IMHO Ducati has lost their passion and become very "corporate". Quote from Ducati North America after a chain break cracked my engine block- " Well since the dealer (AN AUTHORIZED DUCATI DEALER) threw away the broken chain we will not cover it under warranty." Here is what really set my shorts on fire, and I quote again " you bought the bike, itÂ’s your problem". Wow less than 2k miles and 2 months old with a cracked engine block from a chain snap. Short version- State farm kicked up for the $4,000.00 repair and did not raise the rate. Average waiting time from Ducati for FAULTY SPEEDOÂ’S AND BLINKERS- 4 MONTHS. ThatÂ’s right, 4 months. I guess I was not the only one having problemsÂ… I love my DucatiÂ’s, I just donÂ’t like the company any longer.

Motor life: As strong as this bike is I really don't see very many problems in the future. It is very difficult to really push the bike to its limits on the street without going to jail. Just like any bike, if you beat the crap out of it on the track every weekend you have to repair and replace things.

Reply to Sean post about dragging hard parts on the Ducati MS4: What I meant without going into to much detail was this- The MS4 has an Alan head bolts which attach the exhaust cans. The moment the bolt touches the ground you are at the edge of the tire, period. People who drag their knee never really know where the edge of the tire is. The reason for dragging the knee is because if you lose traction hopefully the knee will act as a 3rd leg and keep you from eating it by kicking you back up onto the contact patch. On the MS4 you can save a lot of "time" and stress by using this bolt as a warning sign that you are indeed at the edge of the tire.

But Sean gets paid to ride bikes and I do not. This means he knows a hell of a lot more than I do. This is just my humble opinion.

Ride the Aprilia 4.5 SXV, it will speak for itself.

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