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Default Re: Seat Comfort on the Tuono?

I don't have a Tuono but I have a Sargeant seat on my SV1000S and I have been very happy with it. I have done several 500+ mile days on it without the monkey butt that occured after 100 miles on the stock seat. I have never placed my arse on a more comfortable hunk of foam than the sargent seat...including my prior superhawk, bandit, and CBR954. It seems that you just live with it if the seat is ok, but now after having had the luxury of the sargeant, I would probably opt for another in the future. I rode an FJR several months ago and the seat was pretty good on that, but I still think mine feels better. Congrats on the new ride...nothing is better than a naked twin!
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Default Re: Seat Comfort on the Tuono?

I own a 2003 Tuono and the stock seat is excellent. Although the upright bars would lead you to believe that your weight would be concentrated on your bum, the Tuono encourages active body english and weight-shift so the rider is rarely sitting in one place for too long; blood circulates freely and no soreness is the result.
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Default Re: Seat Comfort on the Tuono?

Have an 03 Tuono. Stock seat was a pain after an hour (I'm 175 lbs or so) and definately needed an upgrade. Have always used Corbin and very happy - but they didn't make one for the Tuono. So went with the Sargeant and am extremely happy with it. So I'd highly recommend it if you are planning any riding other than jaunts to the market. apriliaforum.com is gold mine of all things aprilia related - you'll get more opinions there as well.
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Default Re: Seat Comfort on the Tuono?

I'm with Strmn8r - I have a 2004 and have done a couple of 200 milers with no real aches and pains.

I would encourage you to reserve judgment until you've clocked some miles. The Tuo' offers a very neutral seating position, especially if you're around 6 foot.

One adjustment I did make was a set of flatter (in pull back, not height) bars - this helped my wrists break less when riding.

Mike Emery
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Default Re: No Seat Comfort on the Tuono

You maniac. I like animal tranquilizer myself. You don't feel anything from the forehead down. Works in wet /cold weather too cause you just don't care (wait a minute, that was another topic).
A gun is a tool, Marian; no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.
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Default Re: Seat Comfort on the Tuono?

Don't buy anything from Corbin. If you do, you'll be destined to spend eternity in a land far away called the kingdom of frustration. Also, if you do plan to spend the rest of time there, be prepared to speak spanish. That's the only language spoken there!

Juan Valdez
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Default Re: Seat Comfort on the Tuono?

I had a Corbin on my Hawk GT for a while, before I put a Monster tail on it. The Corbin was capital 'F' firm, but also wide and supportive, with plenty of room to move around. It was also very nicely made, if not overly heavy. At first it seemed like a plank, but I did many a 350 mile day in that saddle with no bum soreness to speak of.

Now I'm sitting on an OEM Monster seat every day, and even though lots of people switch these out for Sargeants and Corbins, I'm pretty happy with it, aside from the fact that there's only one really good spot on the seat. Which just shows to go you: try before you buy. Log some miles on your stock seat, and you might save yourself a few hunnert bucks to spend on some go-fast bits.
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