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Vook 01-14-2001 03:22 AM

Re: Katja Poensgen to race Aprilia 250 World GP
Yes, I agree that there are probably other riders that would be better choices on ability alone, but you miss the big picture (money, marketing) and your attempt at humour could use more respect for females in general and the bike-riding kind specifically.

There aren't enough females who ride, and every little bit of encouragement helps.......

sean 01-14-2001 05:42 AM

Re: Katja Poensgen to race Aprilia 250 World GP
what rock did you crawl out from? She's competitive, she finished I think sixth in points and yes getting a woman into high profile racing is great for motorcycling in general. Aprilia probably wants a woman rider because, guess what, they sell motorcycles, and they sell products to both sexes. I met her at Laguna and she's bright, articulate, and a great choice. Probably a much better choice than most of the people you are feeling sorry for. Unfortunately she probably won't get the same equipment as McWilliams and we'll here more of this crap from morons like you.

RobM 01-14-2001 11:30 AM

Re: Katja Poensgen to race Aprilia 250 World GP
Actually, I said see the Aprilia website for NO details. I did really know what I was typing, MO.

lexs 01-14-2001 02:32 PM

Re: Katja Poensgen to race Aprilia 250 World GP
I find some of the posts responding to the first post sounding pretty stupid. It is "sexist" to point out the obvious? It is pretty obvious she got the ride at least partly because she is a beautiful young woman, not based solely on her record. Lets continue the truth speaking, if she was a dog she would need to be as fast, in not faster, than a guy to get a ride in GPs. Anybody think the fact that he is good looking hurts Ben Bostrom in getting good rides? My wife looked at the full page "be like Ben" ad, looked up and said "He is cute". That may not be right but it is the way things are today.

When you start calling people names for speaking the truth (even while coming off very naivete about how sponsorships are handed out) you came off like something out of Iran or Chinese "department of social engineering". You can say he was crude in referring to her body that way (and I would agree) but he is not sexist, just crude. Anybody for jail time for people not speaking in a politically correct manner?

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