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Default Re: VFR/Futura Question

I owned a VFR800 for nearly 4 years. Excellent bike, and the accomodations are good for a sport-tourer that emphasizes the sport-side of the spectrum. But after having test-ridden a Futura, I have to give the thumbs up to the Aprilia in the comfort category, especially if you're a big guy. The seat is much bigger and plusher than the VFR's, the windscreen is considerably larger and the handlebars seemed a bit higher. It definitely felt like a more comfy mileage muncher.

As far as reliability goes, my '99 VFR800 was flawless. But many owners of the V-tec version seem to report lots of niggling problems. So I wouldn't recommend buying a new VFR. The Aprilia seems to have a good rep. A visit to an Internet owner's group ought to answer any questions you have there.

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Default Re: VFR/Futura Question

If you can afford it buy the Furtura

If money is a problem, check on the insurance costs for both bikes

I also would avoid the new v-tech VFR

Disreguard all of the above and buy the bike that you really want
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Default Re: VFR/Futura Question

Aprilia is much more comfortable for your size. After riding both, I'd go with the Aprilia if I was buying either of these. Most modern motorcycles are quite reliable enough these days. Maybe 25 years ago reliability was a question, but today few machines are bad enough to be considered unreliable today.
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Default Re: VFR/Futura Question

Buy the bike you want.

You won't be able to tell which one is more comfy unless you take a 2-3 day trip on each to figure them out. If you just go take a test ride they are each going to seem perfectly comfy, especially if you're coming off a smaller/sportier bike.

I just got an 02 VFR left-over, I'm 6'1" and my previous bike was an SV650. I was always trying to go on trips and I had trouble with my legs getting really stiff on the SV, I have now done a pretty decent trip on the VFR and it has a ton more legroom, no knee problems. It really covers a ton of ground well. Only thing is I'm only 175lbs and in good shape, if you're 240 you might have to get stiffer springs.

The Futura is probably just as good. I love the looks of them both, but didn't really want to spend the extra money, and didn't really want another twin.

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Default Re: VFR/Futura Question

For a high mileage rider, one might check the maintanance schedule as well, since I have a friend who recently told me his Aprilia's dash told him it was time for a service at 8000 miles, and he choked when he found out the local Aprilia dealer wanted $820 for that service. The Honda on the other hand goes 16,000 miles between services at the average service for that bike would probably cost you only $320. Long term savings should be significant. I say buy the VFR, parts are more readily available (if you need them, which you probably wouldn't unless you boo boo and fall down), dealers are everywhere when your on the road anywhere in the USA or Canada, and besides it's a Honda!
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Default Re: VFR/Futura Question

I am 6'2", 210 lbs and have put a few miles on a friendÂ’s Futura and am absolutely smitten. If I had the dollars (interpreted as, "if my wife would let me spend the money") I would have a Futura in the garage by the end of the week. I've never been on a VFR though. Maybe I should. Spec-wise it seems more than adequate.

I have nothing against Honda but you get a bit of uniqueness with the Aprilia. All other factors aside . . . buy the Futura because it's not a Honda.

Just to let you know, I was at a racing school a few weeks back and there was a guy there with a Futura. Sort of strange, I know. Although it was slightly modified, it was kicking the crap out of those of us on the school-provided ZX-6RÂ’s. Not in the corners, but coming out of the corners and along the straights. Maybe he was better than everyone else or more comfortable with his bike? Maybe he had bigger balls? But, maybe his bike had bigger balls?!?

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Default Re: VFR/Futura Question

If legroom is important the Aprilia has more than the VFR. Otherwise you can't go wrong with either, but if you want an FJR you might look here:


I owned 3 VFRs and loved them and am currently waiting on an 04 FJR.

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Default Re: VFR/Futura Question

I'm 6'1", 185lbs, 32in. inseam, and own a 2001 VFR. I do a short 16 mile round trip commute with my bike and the 20~80 mile weekend ride like you. For me the VFR excels for this sort of use. Very user friendly, comfortable suspension & seat, but can still strafe corners with the best of them. The bike is very reliable; lube the chain, check the tires, change the oil, etc.

I've never toured on my bike, but I can tell you that my rear end starts to get a little uncomfortable and knees a little stiff around 100 miles on the freeway. Maybe it's just me, but the pegs seem too high and/or too far forward. I don't know how to fix that. The seat could be replaced with aftermarket for touring, stock one is fine for everything else.

Bottom line, I would choose the VFR for your short range work, but would have to recommend the Aprilia for that once a year tour.
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Default Go with the Aprilia!

I was going to buy a Futura, but I couldn't find a dealer in my area (Southeast Missouri). I didn't know how reliable Aprilias would be and BMW had the R1100SBX on sale, so I bought the BMW. I really wanted the Futura. If you have your heart set on an FJ1300 get that, otherwise get the Futura.
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Default Re: VFR/Futura Question

I own a '96 VFR (750) and I to got my eyes on a Futura. For me the questions were, as you, reliability (hard to beat in VFR), comfort (22K Km in 1 year in daily 100m commute and weekends), milleage and trading afterward.

The VFR beats the Futura in the $$ aspects (more milleage, more value, more easy to sell/trade). This happened with the 2000/1 model. as for the new model, it seems to me that the touring thingy is a litle forgotten.....

As you might know, aswell, japanese machines and italian machines differ a lot in several ways (feeling, general finishing of the bike, electronics, riding costs, aftermarket and so on).

But, in the end, buying a bike is never a rational thing. That we can do with cars.

What should I say.

Follow your heart (or but or whatever...)
What luck for the rulers that men do not think.
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