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Default Viva VFR !

I commute about 60 miles per day on my '98 VFR, and my weekend rides are typically 150 to 400 miles. At least once a year I take a multi-state tour, and I love my VFR (with Sargent seat and Givi luggage). I picked it up for only $6k... Oh, and I'm 6'0" and 250 lbs, 36" sleeve and 30" inseam (aka "knuckledragger").
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Default Re: VFR/Futura Question

Those air/oil cooled Suzuki engines run forever. Moving the alternator outside the case solved any problems Suzuki had.
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Default Re: VFR/Futura Question

The secret is building your own business with hard work. Choose an industry that you know very well (there are no "get rich" industries that I know of right now) and work very hard at it. Results will come. I am an architect that evolved into real estate development.

Bikes are relatively inexpensive, particularly when you consider the performance they offer. Boats, cars, and planes are expensive!!
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Default Re: VFR/Futura Question

Thank you all for your insights. I just bought the one that felt right, the Futura, in Blue. I contributed to the downward pressure on resale by getting a killer deal on a '02 (the 03 VFR with discount is still cheaper).

VMan_1 we are all jealous, and I wish I was brave enough to quite and start on my own.

I looked at a ton of bikes, including the sprint. I just got rid of my Daytona 1200. It was a great bike, but cost a fortune to make comfortable. It also died at 25K, killer problems (pealing paint, rusting tank, after a recoat at 15K, and the start of electric problems). I checked out at 29K.

The Triumph caused my question about comfort and reliability. I am a bit gunshy on those subjects.

I owned a FJ 12 in the early 90s and it is still my favorite, but I wanted something that could carve a bit easier. I also like the inch plus higher seat on the Futura.

Great Ergos, great engine and a sport wheelbase on a touring bike, gotta love it. I'll update when I have a couple k on the bike.
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Default Re: VFR/Futura Question

Congratulations on your purchase. I truly find my Futura to be one of the best "compromised" (meaning able to do many things well) bikes I have ever owned. New cans are a must and the new H-Pipe from Aprilia Forum will open the sound. Instrumentation is better then either the VFR or FJR - includes ambient temp gauge. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine.
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Default Re: VFR/Futura Question

I am 6'0" and own a 2002 ABS VFR (vtec). I am pretty comfortable on it, and it has no problem hefting myself and my wife around. I regularly ride it into DC for work (I am also in MD).

All that being said, if you feel more comfortable on the Aprilia, and can afford the difference, go with it. My experience with shops is that Euro-bike manufacturers are always better at relationships, while Japanese bike makes tend to treat you like a number.
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Default Re: VFR/Futura Question

I own a well-tweaked newish Concours, an '02 ZX12R, and an '03 VFR ABS (actually bought for the wife, but I have a 'few' miles on it).

Have tested the Futura 3 times now.

At 6'2" / 210 lb, the Futura is more comfortable (that saddle is great, and the legroom is better than any motorcycle I own right now), and has better protection.

I wouldn't discount the VFR. It is _very_ well thought out, and the new model has a bit more protection than previous versions.

With a Sargent saddle and Helis, I wouldn't hesitate to take it on long trips.

Honda service and support is much, much better than Aprilia, unless you can find a really good local dealer. The VFR also handles easier and better than the Futura: although it is a bit heavier than my ZX12, it feels and handles like a smaller, lighter bike.

The new VTEC bike won a 3-way shoot-out against the Aprilia & Triumph ST last year, where the Priller won against the previous VFR.

You can find a lot of test links here: http://brand.iinet.net.au/

It is the perfect bike for my wife as the brakes are foolproof, the power is smooth, the handling is excellent, and it is smaller and more wieldy than the Priller.

For myself, I would probably have gone with the Futura for the additional torque, comfort (I have a 250 mile commute for a lot of the year) and character.

But I have to say the VFR is winning me over very rapidly, and I suspect would be the better long-term, day-in day-out bike.

As for the servicing costs, Honda reckons the VTEC adds less than 30 minutes to the bill, although the dealer does need to buy some new tools.

The Futura needs valve checks almost twice as often, and dealer service costs seem to range from reasonable to exorbitant, so I still think the VFR will be cheaper to keep on the road over the long term.

Look around for a discounted '01 or '02 Fut, they are out there every once in a while at a heavily discounted price. The '04 Fut is already in some dealers.

I could be happy with either bike, and am considering swopping my Connie or Miata for one or the other at the moment if I get the right deal, as my wife was so impressed with the new VFR that she has basically banned me from riding it or making any mods: I pay, she rides....
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Default Re: VFR/Futura Question

Nah, it only takes an extra hour.
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