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NickdaBrick 10-08-2001 07:02 AM

Re: Nicky Hayden fifth on a thumper
So three of the guys who beat him don't even rate a mention.

Last post?

Lowrez 10-08-2001 07:37 AM

Re: Nicky Hayden fifth on a thumper
In all honesty, this race wouldn't even be mentioned if Nicky hadn't

a) Ridden in the race

b) Done well

Like so many of the AMA sponsored events, people just don't care. Were it not for the charismatic riders and some unbelievable talent, I would have long ago stopped paying attention to anything involving racing and the AMA.

das 10-08-2001 08:05 AM

Re: Nicky Hayden fifth on a thumper
Lack of coverage by MO does not constitute lack of interest on the part of motorcycle enthusiasts in general. (See also: rallies, drag racing, commuting, dirt riding, riding techniques, riding locations, etc.)

Just as coverage by MO does not constitue a presence of interest on the part of motorcycle enthusiasts in general. (See also: scooters, woodchucks, cruiser vs. sportbike flame wars, pro-harley/anti-harley flame wars, manufacturer brochure-style press releases, aftermarket parts display bike reviews, etc.)

wwalkersd 10-08-2001 08:10 AM

Re: Nicky Hayden fifth on a thumper
Well, I can't disagree with your position, but... this wasn't an AMA event. It was a Formula USA event.

I was there, and even the attendees weren't very enthusiastic. I suspect most, like me, attended because it's the only motorcycle track event in the area and they wanted to support it.

das 10-08-2001 08:17 AM

Re: Nicky Hayden fifth on a thumper
You can find the full results at

... but they were Steve Murray, Willie McCoy, and Brian Smith (in that order).

chrisjaney 10-08-2001 09:06 AM

Racing results = cheap news for MO

I know this site is free and I shouldn't be bi**ching, but I wish you guys would categorize your news. I'm sure there are some people here who are really interested in the results of all of these races or who is the new racer on which team, or which division of races are the hottest this year, but if you judge by the number of comments - NOBODY REALLY CARES.

I personally come to MO for their liberal reviews of the newest bikes. The writing style is refreshing, and they are usually prompt in rolling these out. Racing is just one aspect of the industry, and personally, I think it's cheap to just copy racing results from some other magazine and paste them here. It's like you're trying to just get something out to fill the gaps between the good stories - how bland.

Why not look a little deeper into the industry and see how motorcycles are being applied other than racing around a circle. Maybe feature a few "columnists" that just give their opinions.

The Costa Rica story was good, I know it was probably expensive, but I'm sure you could find people capable of writing "on location" stories from their part of the world without you having to send people out there.

Visit a motorcycle factory. Interview the lead engineer of the v-rod and where they were going with the design and which market they are trying to penetrate. etc etc - these are just some dumb ideas.

I don't know, maybe I'm just frustrated with all of this racing filler, it's not interesting. At least consolodate the weekly "racing news" into one post so we don't have to wade through 30 headlines that touch the topic.

Sorry for the rant.

Zipper326 10-08-2001 09:21 AM

Re: Racing results = GREAT NEWS
Hey....if you do not like racing then put your HOG back on it's trailer and go some where else....because there's some of us here who like to read about racing, just because you want to here about a company like Harley that finally got out of the 40's and into the 70's with it's V-ROD that's great but I personall don't care.

MO keep the racing news coming, bike reviews, and more it's great...

RonXX 10-08-2001 09:45 AM

Re: Racing results = cheap news for MO
It was pretty clear to me that this article was going to be about some sort of racing as soon as I read the headline on the front page. If you don't want to read it, then don't click on it. It's as simple as that.

Joe_Momma 10-08-2001 09:57 AM

Four guys beat him, not three.
Dave Durelle (on a Suzuki) and his minions beat Nicky.

chrisjaney 10-08-2001 11:54 AM

Re: Racing results = GREAT NEWS

Like I said - those were just dumb ideas, something (anything) other than racing news. No need to attack somebody who doesn't even ride a harley (89 Honda GB500). Don't get me wrong, I like racing, but all of this mundane news should be categorized or consolodated into one post per week or something - it's boring, and I'm sure there are sites dedicated to detailing all of this news. MO doesn't detail the racing scene thoroughly - they just post little tidbits when they have nothing interesting to post. I know it's hard to have fresh content online everyday, but please - anything other than racing news.

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