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fwalters 08-29-2001 03:36 PM

Re: Petition to H-D..Give Buell race team
I agree, and I want to buy a water cooled Buell or HD sportbike.

Eric 08-29-2001 04:14 PM

Re: Harley Davidson to Retire from Racing
Uh, the Wing was first injected for 2001. Harley has injected the FLHTCUI (Electra Glide Ultra Classic) for 6 years, and most of the touring line almost as long (Electra glide, road glide and road king). Harley will sell well over 200,000 motorcycles this year. Of that number, I am not sure how many are touring or softail models equipped with injection. My point was not that Harley is necessarily superior, only that they are not necessarily the technological backwater that starving student implied. Harleys cater to a different crowd than Honda et. al., but they have adopted some pretty impressive solutions to the inherent problems with a 45 degree single-pin V-twin. In addition, the F-4 only got injection this year. I admit that I do not know when the 929 got it. The RC51 is not a large volume seller. If Honda has sold more injected bikes than Harley, so be it. I fully admit that Harley makes great bikes. Why is it so difficult for Harley bashers to admit that Harley comes up with some pretty good solutions of its own?

aminalmutha 08-29-2001 07:16 PM

Re: Harley Davidson to Retire from Racing
Who says Triumphs are good bikes? ;) Just kidding, just kidding! I would like to see more makes involved in racing to improve the sport. HD and even Triumph would make things more interesting with good racing programs.

starvingstudent 08-29-2001 07:53 PM

Re: An analogy
If I came off as a bigot (or someone inclined to bigotry), then there was a big miscommunication, and I apologize. My only point is that supersport/superbike racing is _extremely_ competitive right now, and it's almost impossible for a company with little experience in street sportbikes, not to mention racebikes, to win. Triumph's gotten their ass handed to them in regards to the TT600 (though it still makes a great streetbike), and they have a lot more sportbike experience than HD.

As for streetbikes, personal satisfaction is all that matters. I wave to everything from street-legal dirtbikes to CBRs to Road Kings. Hell, I ride a Shadow 600 myself (though I wouldn't say no if someone offered me an SV), so it's pretty obvious I'm not a squid on the street and don't object to slow bikes (or VERY slow bikes, as mine is ;) ). Though I object to Harley pricing and wouldn't own one myself, I've got no problems with other people owning them.

TheFox 08-29-2001 08:51 PM

Thank you... =)
...for a very intelligent reply.


Eric 08-30-2001 02:39 AM

Re: Harley Davidson to Retire from Racing
Sorry. That next to last line should have read, "I fully admit that Honda makes great bikes."

ORR 08-30-2001 03:28 AM

Re: Harley Davidson to Retire from Racing
The problem with Harley's pricing is... it's a fantasy! I am tired of seeing standard 883 Sportster with a $7500 ($5600 list) price tag on it. The Motor Company encourages dealer price gouging. I can't see why a sportster would have a "premium" on it when they are sitting around gathering dust! I had one dealer in PA try to sell me a used (only 70 miles) 1200 S for $11k !!! Should be $8k,right? I wanted to hear it so he said "it might not start, it's been sitting a few months! Everything I have seen makes me think that the backlog is a lie manufactured by businessmen to fool the consumer. If you think this is OK, then you have made your statement that stock values are more important than dignity and pride.

Spinetingler 08-30-2001 03:44 AM

Re: An analogy
Wow - more voices of reason. While I'm not going to start a love fest, I'm glad there can be spirited conversation without the hatred. I agree with you and the point of HD as compared to other bikes. I'm very rational - and usually make decisions on the facts. I'm currently looking to upgrade my Sporty to a new bike, however, the research is producing internal conflict. I basically want a bike that will start and go and, with basic maintenance, continue to go. On paper, I'm thinking BMW or anything Japanese. Then I go and sit on them and the HD catches me. I can't explain it but, except for family and motorcycles, I can't 'rationalize' the purchase. This means I'll probably buy another HD. Yikes!

hindle 08-30-2001 04:00 AM

Re: A real shame
Yes.....I agree. As much as I dogged HD deep down inside I wanted to see them succeed. My only guess is it never was a priority to win races and championships and build a real sportbike customer base. Seems as though they got what they wanted and now they are leaving.

TatdNPrcd 08-30-2001 06:19 AM

Re: Harley Davidson to Retire from Racing
I'm ready for H-D to produce a sportbike with the VR1000 engine that I can buy for around ten grand. Don't want the V-Rod I already have a TC88 RoadKing and don't need another long and low over the road bike. I don't like the sporster engined Buells. To much vibration for me. I've always wanted a VR1000. A real H-D sportbike with the handling, brakes and performance that I can use everyday in my commute. I don't even care that it's not the fastest or best or whatever. Hell I own an ST1100 and a VFR so you know I don't care about those things. I buy what I want. Maybe now that the new product line using the new engine has been introduced H-D will consider building a sportbike with the Harley name on the side. Certainly would attract the younger rider market that they so desperatly need.

I've read all the brand bashing from the previous posts and I'd rather not get involved in that at all. I post this message only to see if there are other riders feel the same way or if I'm alone in my desire to own a Harley-Davidson, 1000cc, watercooled, V-Twin sportbike. Save the brand bashing for the street or the bar stool. If you've got the guts to say it to my face then you also have my respect but to call people names or slam another persons ride of choice from relative annonymity of BB discussion groups you merely get my pity.


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