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eric_oaks 07-24-2001 02:52 AM

Re: Mid Ohio Rocks the Hut
How about this: Mladin goes to GP1 and Eric gets his ride at Yosh?

Or do you think the Kaw will be competitive next year?

98Viffer 07-24-2001 04:38 AM

Re: Mid-Ohio Thriller to Hayden
Way to go, RC-51!! In the second race, the Honda not only nailed first place, but also 3 of the top 4 spots!! Gotta love those twins!! I've owned 2 VFRs, and loved watching the RC-45, but there's just something special about the 51.

MoMo 07-24-2001 05:20 AM

Re: Mid Ohio Rocks the Hut
I actually got to see the Kawasaki up close and personal on Friday. (we had paddock passes) that thing is right on par as far as chassis, suspension, and brakes. the only place it could be lacking is in the motor.

but Eric proves week in & week out that a skilled rider can easily make up the slight hp deficit. how many hp do you think the Kawi is actually down? i'd guess it's not all that much.

Mladin going to GP1 would be cool too. I'd like to see Eric take the title in AMA 750 SBK on the Kawi though. He's worked so hard on it this year, it would be almost cheating for him to just jump on a better bike like the Yosh teams.

MoMo 07-24-2001 05:22 AM

Re: Mid-Ohio Thriller to Hayden
don't forget the SV. they kick arse too.

hindle 07-24-2001 05:26 AM

Re: Mid-Ohio Thriller to Hayden
I feel sorry for Mladin. He has qualified on pole for every race this year. He is the 2 time defending champ. He is leading the points series this year going for his third straight title. He is on the verge of setting new records for the most wins and pole posistions.

He is without a doubt the number one rider at the moment in AMA. All other riders are trying to beat Mladin.

Yet the guy gets no respect. Don't get me wrong Eric B. is great to. I mean he is doing things on the kawi that nobody has done in the last couple of years. Since Muzzy left the team anyway. Nicky had he gotten a better start in the first race may have gotten the double victory.

With that said everyone is trying to beat Matt and that combined with his record makes him the number 1 rider in AMA for now. Anyone that disagree's is simply using their emotions to decide and is ignoring the facts and a little thing called logic.

imgnarly_2 07-24-2001 06:43 AM

Re: Mid-Ohio Thriller to Hayden
Matt is a great rider theres no doubt. i just wonder why the suzuki runs so great in AMA and not so hot in WSBK??

MoMo 07-24-2001 06:44 AM

Re: Mid-Ohio Thriller to Hayden
You're probably right in that he is the most talented rider. He also probably has the best machine. But he is a jerk. He is overly , won't sign autographs, and looks rather annoyed by the SpeedVision reporters when he does his post race interview. He is lacking one important trait that Eric Bostrom has boat loads of........personality.

BBD_Racing 07-24-2001 07:06 AM

Re: Mid Ohio Rocks the Hut
I don't think he was riding the ZX7R in 750SS. Not even Eric could put that pig in the front. He was probably riding his ZX6R. A fair number of 600SS riders go out in 750 practice. Tommy Haydon does it often.

BBD_Racing 07-24-2001 07:11 AM

Re: Mid-Ohio Thriller to Hayden
I absolutely agree. Everybody give Mat a hard time, but I can't see why. The guy speaks his mind and thousands get their panties in a twist. Do we really want racers who are all super antiseptic? As for him being a jerk, I don't think he is. He openly admits that he isn't the life of the party, but he ALWAYS gives the credit to his crew. I just read another interview where he spent the majority of the time talking about his crew. That is not the sign of an egotistical jerk.

Also, remember that twins and fours fare differently in WSB and AMA. This is because of small rules differences that really change the power picture. Still, i think that Boz and Matt could do better over there than Chili and Yanagawa. Boz proved that at Laguna by beating all of the 4 cyl bikes.

hindle 07-24-2001 09:20 AM

Re: Mid-Ohio Thriller to Hayden
Matt may not be the most likeable rider in the paddock and maybe he is a whiner. I don't know. Never met the man. What I do know is he is the best right know in AMA. Period. I don't let my emotions make that decision for me. He is the best whether any of us like it or not.

To be honest I don't think any of the top racers right now have much of a personality. In fact the only racer I've seen with any personality on the TV in post race interviews is Travis Pastrana. That kid is one of the most likeable racers I've seen thus far. You just can't hate him.

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