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Turn8 07-18-2001 10:41 AM

Re: Tight AMA Points battle going into Mid Ohio
First post? Oh never mind.... What's the points payout for AMA 1st thru 15th? Whats Eric gotta win to catch (and surpass) that annoying Aussie?

Gecko 07-18-2001 11:44 AM

Re: Tight AMA Points battle going into Mid Ohio
Anything to shut his (Mladin's) whining mouth. If it was Eric that dethroned him it would be awesome...then again that would mean he would come back next year instead of going to the WSB where he belongs.

MoMo 07-19-2001 01:33 AM

I'd like to see Mladin go to WSBK also.

Whatever happened to Nicky Hayden? He is not having a good year.

stevegrab 07-19-2001 06:21 AM

Re: Tight AMA Points battle going into Mid Ohio
Ahh, that's the third article I read today as a primer for the Mid-Ohio races this coming weekend. I can't wait to get to the track and hear those machines zooming around the track. Looking forward to some better results for Honda than last year (Duhamel couldn't possibly crash out of the lead in both Superbike races).

Hey MO (Minime, et al), you guys need a roving reporter for the event?

stevegrab 07-19-2001 06:39 AM

Re: AMA points payout
From the AMA rule book (at the AMA site), page 19

1st -36 16th -15

2nd -32 17th -14

3rd -29 18th -13

4th -27 19th -12

5th -26 20th -11

6th -25 21st -10

7th -24 22nd-9

8th -23 23rd -8

9th -22 24th -7

10th -21 25th -6

11th -20 26th -5

12th -19 27th -4

13th -18 28th -3

14th -17 29th -2

15th -16 30th -1

There's also a point for pole position, and a point for most laps lead.

With 6 races to go, Eric only needs to get 4 points more than Mladin per round, plus maybe one more point (if they tie, the rider with more wins is champion, at this time Mladin-3, Bostrom-2 ). So it depends where they finish, at the top 1 spot is enough, further down the order 2-3-4 spots are needed to get that 4 point advantage.

I excpect Bostrom to be all out at Mid-Ohio, trying to win another 2 races. Mladin doesn't like the track, and although he'll try to win early, he's more likely to back off and just ride for points. He is a more conservative rider, and Mid-Ohio really rewards the agressive rider. Bostrom could really make up some points if Mladin DNFs either race, so it will be interesting.

I predict Bostrom gains about 10 points on Mladin this weekend.

NOBRKES 07-19-2001 09:07 AM

Re: Tight AMA Points battle going into Mid Ohio
You gotta give credit to Bostrom, after all, isn't he on a what, 7 year old Superbike and a SuperSport that's been written off by most, if not all mags?

As a side note, I was curious on what kind of HP numbers the factories are getting at the track, +20 more than stock?

MaxxPower 07-19-2001 09:16 AM

Re: .
Same thing that has happened to all riding the RC-51... Crashes and no ability to get the rear end to hook up (read: no power). Nicky has had no rear brake on how many occasions? Seems to me that corporate red tape/pride/naive/stubborness/ego/etc... is getting in the way. I don't know why the big four (and HD) don't understand that the MVP in their development team are the riders, and their trusted feedback. Aprilla figured it out.

fwalters 07-19-2001 12:17 PM

Re: Nicky Hayden
It is too bad that Nicky Hayden is having so many problems this year. His comeback at Daytona was spectacular to watch and indicates what kind of talent the guy has for the sport.

Being an ex-Kentuckian and a Honda rider I can't help but cheer for Nicky at every race, so I really hope Honda gets it together and fixes the crap on the RC-51's and at least finish in the top 3.


A Pissed Honda Fan

Turn8 07-19-2001 01:11 PM

Re: Tight AMA Points battle going into Mid Ohio
A friend of mine that works with Erion was saying that Kurtis Roberts bike and was around 118 at the rear wheel. (On a good day)

TonyC 07-20-2001 04:50 AM

Re: Not hooking up
I think the inability to "hook up" the rear end, as the Honda riders have been complaining about, has nothing to do with a lack of power. If anything, it may indicate too much power, or an uneven delivery of it.

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