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banda 06-20-2001 05:14 AM

Re: AMA Fines Mladin Five Gee
This Meade guy sounds like an utter ass from the press conference transcript. Props to Mat

Report of press conference

955tri 06-20-2001 05:15 AM

God forsaken hellhole!?!
God forsaken hellhole!?! Are you refering to the USA? What's THAT all about? If you feel that way, then you should probably get the hell out too. We don't need you.

BBD_Racing 06-20-2001 05:20 AM

Re: AMA Fines Mladin Five Gee
Let's hear from the racers out there - read the whole deal on and come back to tell your impression.

Just watching the race scared the hell out of me. There is no way I'd race at that track. As Mat said, there is only one turn in the whole place where a fall doesn't result in hitting a concrete wall.

1) Mat's comments were right and the AMA needs to get its safety head out of its butt.

2) Do any of us doubt that the people in the press misquote people for sensationalism? Can't we all see how that would be really irritating when the subject is life and death?

3) You will note that Mat was asked about things the moment he got off the bike after qualifying. For those of you who don't race, let me explain: When you get off the track, your emotions are pretty high. I've seen normally calm guys need five minutes to return from Atilla the Hun Mode. Hence, he vented. Also note that Eric didn't dispute it and took it in stride because he's been there.

I am sick of hearing people who can't hold a candle to these guys nit picking them. I've raced just enough to really admire these guys. I'll never go as fast on a Superbike as they'd go on a GS500, but I sure love watching them spin their craft.

das 06-20-2001 05:27 AM

Re: God forsaken hellhole!?!
955tri, don't fret over BammBamm. He's got something against the AMA (not really sure what, exactly, but he bashes them at every possible opportunity). So, he was probably referring to the AMA superbike series, rather than the whole U.S. of A.

Either way, part of the cost of freedom is tolerance. Which doesn't explain BammBamm's confusion between "freedom from censorship" and "freedom from consequences", but that's a separate issue.

zamboni 06-20-2001 05:51 AM

Re: AMA Fines Mladin Five Gee
Hey , just a reminder: [b]it's a free site[b]. Go whine somewhere else.

CrustyOldFart 06-20-2001 06:31 AM

Re: Mladin isn
Ahem. If you intend to take someone to task because of his or her lack of grammatical skills, don't you suppose you should check to make sure you are properly capitalizing the beginning of a sentence?

Kinda makes you look like an idiot, you know.

CrustyOldFart 06-20-2001 07:07 AM

Re: AMA Fines Mladin Five Gee
Though I busted your chops earlier (about sentence capitalization), I have to step in here and, for the most part, agree with you.

When I originally read the official AMA report of Mladin's fine and penalty, I sided with the AMA. After reading the transcript of what Mat actually said, I have changed my mind. I believe he had a right to "vent" in a public forum and nothing I read there seemed terribly out of place. He could have left out the "sh*t" word, but it was said in the heat of the moment and I have certainly said worse, especially when agitated. That guy (Moore?) from NHIR came across as a real jerk.

I think public sports figures need to be mindful of the impact of their words and attitudes upon those who look up to them, especially children. Poor sportsmanship is rampant these days and, IMHO, a fine or censure is appropriate when athletes step over that line and lose sight of that. I don't believe that a man can puff his chest out about how "professional" he is in one breath, and then lose sight of that in the next, with impunity.

I respect Mat Mladin's abilities and he has never, to my knowledge, stepped out of line publicly before this weekend. I think we ought to give him a break this time.

BUT -- I think Eric Bostrom, who seems to be commensurately professional, had the last laugh in this case. He who was categorized as an "amateur" by Mladin simply went out and beat him, fair and square -- with no chest pounding or excessive bravado. That makes a far bigger statement than any press conference.

Bravo, Eric.

Paynot 06-20-2001 07:07 AM

Re: AMA Fines Mladin Five Gee
Hey before you jump all over Mladin, why don't you try to find out a little more about what he said and why? Try Roadracing World for the details:

And MO, how about a little more coverage like the guys at Roadracing World? You make Mladin look like a **** by printing the AMA's side of the story only. How about trying to contact Mladin about his side of the story?

And while you're at it, how about some real news about the Edmundson debacle, and now Iannuchi? Seems like AMA racing has been treating the riders and promoters that built the sport like dirt for some time now.

Ed (AMA member for years)

BONGTOKER 06-20-2001 08:04 AM

Re: AMA Fines Mladin Five Gee
Ya it's a free site now you bonehead but they keep bugging everyone for money and M.O. says you might have to pay for this site. If it doesn't work properly why pay or donate. Why pay to read about old news. Get your head out of your A$$ and stop making stupid comments.

lazy1 06-20-2001 08:05 AM

Re: AMA Fines Mladin Five Gee
oooooohhh.....the 's' word!!! that's worth 5g's to the AMA? clearly this word was used in a context that was critical of the AMA, thus the fine, and clearly that's censorship. Let the marketplace deal with Mr. Mladin. if his language offends, don't buy his sponsor's products, but don't censor a man's opinions with fines.

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