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BBD_Racing 03-28-2001 04:59 AM

Re: Carmichael Again !
I was really bummed to see Langston fall. KTM must be weeping over that one. Their first win ever was within grasp and then......gone. bummer, but Langston has the ability and he is likely to put it on the top box soon. He'll be strong in the Nationals.

Ricky has two strengths over Jeremy: corner speed and aggressiveness. McGrath has never really has to be aggressive. He is accustomed to out smoothing everybody. That isn't good enough to beat Ricky. Now Ricky has Jeremy's confidence seriously shaken. This is the best test the Champion has ever had. I hope he rises to the challenge.

As for LaRocket, man, does he ever need help doing starts. He'll be a force in the Nationals. I was cheering my head off for him Sat night.

Was anybody else there in the Dome? Did you notice that SFX did a significantly worse job than Pace?

As for the 426, in SX, absolute power is much less important than how instantaneous it is.

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