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stevegrab 03-12-2001 06:33 AM

Re: First Post Biznatches
It sure did look bad, I nearly got whiplash from turning my head so fast to avoid looking (I feared the worst).

DaveK 03-12-2001 06:40 AM

Re: Report on Injured Riders at Daytona
You are right, Speedvision's coverage of the race stunk. One lap of race and then commercial, commercial, commercial. And then what, other than the neat ZX-9 Kawasaki commercial of the dude shocking himself the others were mostly cruiser commercials. (The FZ1 was pretty good and the Honda dirt bikes OK, but paaaleeease, no cruiser commercials during AMA Superbike!). Interestingly, I watched the WSB races immediately following and it didn't seem like there were that many commercials!

As for the Scott Russell debacle, it was horrendous, almost shameful carnage. Scott had some kind of problem with his bike and was feigning (and turning a bit right) to get off the track. I don't know who hit him but it was an explosion of bike parts, fiberglass or CF, and bodies strune all over. At first we didn't know it was Russell, but the rider just wasn't moving at all. It was terrible, just terrible.

It happened so fast I still cannot reply it in my mind. I think someone tagged Scott from behind as the rider was launching forward. Then the rider who clipped Scott was going down. Immediately after someone just absolutely t-boned him and his bike. It just just exploded into a pile of bike parts and bodies. No one was getting up quickly. It was sickening and a pall upon the pretigous Arai 200 race.


DaveK 03-12-2001 06:45 AM

Re: Report on Injured Riders at Daytona
Oppsss... I thought it was Speedvision coverage. Now I don't remember who covered it, but it was commercial, commercial, commercial.


blip 03-12-2001 06:47 AM

Re: Report on Injured Riders at Daytona
I don't recall seeing an e-mail from you on Friday, Steve. Feel free to resend.

We're not responding to low-moderated posts anymore, and as I mentioned last week, we've enabled outside (or MO) readers to moderate. So your peers are doing the moderating.

Note that troll support is working, more than three -1 moderated posts in a week, and the individual's posting ability goes away for a week.

JoeBuell 03-12-2001 06:47 AM

Re: Report on Injured Riders at Daytona
All I can say is, I hope it was not any of the MO staff who moderated that post down. I think it's a valid question, and I did not make any acqusations (sp?) about the source of the post. Anyone from MO care to comment on this?

stevegrab 03-12-2001 06:52 AM

Re: Report on Injured Riders at Daytona
I will attempt to resend this. It was sent to the same address from which you sent me some emails Thursday/Friday (regarding the "And The #1 News.MO User Is..."). I hope it gets through, using return receipt and everything.

Team_FAST 03-12-2001 06:55 AM

Re: Report on Injured Riders at Daytona
The race was broadcast tape delayed on ESPN2

stevegrab 03-12-2001 06:55 AM

Re: Report on Injured Riders at Daytona
PS I'm also alarmed that this guys post was moderated down by the MO readers. So now if people (these select group of moderators) don't agree with what somebody is saying, their posts get moderated down. And if they persist, maybe more posts moderated down, until they can't post anymore?

That sucks, this guy had the same question on two boards, and both were moderated down to -1, so one more time and he can't post? That seems unfair.

JoeBuell 03-12-2001 07:01 AM

Re: Report on Injured Riders at Daytona
I know I'm taking a chance with this, since it will probably get moderated down as well, but I'd like to thank you Steve, for your comments and concern.

wfo600 03-12-2001 07:08 AM

Is Ciccotto O.K.?
ESPN2 showed his crash, but didn't say if he was O.K. or not.

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