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ksquid 09-07-2006 05:34 PM

Re: Jamie Hacking: '06 AMA Superstock Champ
LOL good one...

longride was so ralled up he forgot that Mladin did try MotoGP on an inferior ride early in his career.

bigdummy 09-08-2006 07:51 AM

Re: Jamie Hacking: '06 AMA Superstock Champ
This is complete BS.... First of all, Mladin isn't an "arrogant prick". He's the only guy in this series that doesn't make excuses when he gets beat. There's no "tires were crap" or "the sun was in my eyes" business that you get from other people -- when he gets beat, he gets beat, and he credits the other guy/team. Yea, he isn't Mr. Social at the racetrack let Jake Zemke or the Bostroms, but I've never seen him be rude either. As far as "moving on" goes... Well, where do you suggest he go? I don't recall Suzuki offering him a WSBK ride (although I have no idea why), and taking a 3rd rate MotoGP ride would just be stupid. Hey, I'm tired of him winning all the time too -- it makes the series boring, but that ain't his fault. Maybe Honda/Kawasaki/Yamaha should put together a better package..

Unless the guy's screwing your wife, you got no ligitimate complaint about him. He just does his job... better than everybody else..

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