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Default Re: Brave new MO

what about Sister Kim's cleavage? the commentary could also apply to MO. What happened to the daring stuff that made it a toolshed name? Why when i think about the mileage the old MO would've gotten out of all those exploding dunlops it makes me quiver... all that's left is to replay Clavin's vino crash over and over...
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Default Re: HEY!

If your wife is use to keeping up with you in the trooper it could be an interesting read.
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Default Re: Look at this way

Actually I am an angry Picket Boat Vet.

And I sure wish someone WAS paying me. All I get for all the shyt I went through is a free cremation and a free flag. That's the govt's idea of a benefit.

I told my wife to bury my urn upsidedown next to my Dad's at the National Cemetary in Westwood. That way either Bush or Kerry can kiss my @ss. In fact they can kiss it right now... no problem.

Don't celebrate yet. I'm not going until I get a chance to pi$$ on Jane Fonda's grave.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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