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Default Re: AMA Superstock Coverage

Forget coverage, what about the complete lack of content for 2-Wheel Tuesday in general. Speed my as well remove it altogether. They spend 42 of the 47 minutes of programming on ice racing, scooters, or some other crap which no one, I mean no one cares about! When was the last time any of us raced on ice or took our scooters across country?? What happened to the old show where content was actually related to the viewers?!?! Sure throw in a 30 second segment about ice racing, but a whole show! Gimme a break.... I don't even want to get started on the lame SuperStock coverage!
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Default Re: AMA Superstock Coverage

I agree. Give us coverage of the Superstock race. If it means giving up Formula Extreme, that's fine by me.

Furthermore, if AMA wants to stick with the current classes, they should ban factory riders and factory support in the Supersport and Superstock classes. Let the factories duke it out in the Superbike and Formula Extreme classes.
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Default Re: AMA Superstock Coverage

Remove Superbike all together?? Blasphomy! Sure the grids are small and it's pretty much the matt show all the time but think about all the great years we've had. We can't just scrap it. If the rules need to change to squeeze more top tier riders back into superbike than that's what we need to do. F-x is a joke this year. I really don't get it though...the class structure sure seemed to be a boom all though the mid to late 90's and things didn't really start sucking 'till they started jacking around with the rules. I liked pro-thunder. I liked the 250 GP bikes. Now it's all f'd up, there is no longer any tv coverage that seems to care, the talent pool is totally diluted...ggrrr....like someone said a few posts back, where to even start when it comes to AMA Pro Racing. At least we might get a GP at Barber in '05. I hope...
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