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Default Re: Pikes Peak AMA Superbike Preview

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Default Go Mladin

Mladin and Bayliss are my two favorite riders. Both are fearless. Watching Baylis fall down last year in a race and then finish in the top 5 was impressive. At then Mladin handling that blowout was awesome. Americans don't get the dry reserved intelligent sarcasm that Aussies, Canadians, and Brits have. Americans misunderstand it for snobbery etc. Having worked around all three nationalities I appreciate their dry wit and command of the English language.
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Default Re: Pikes Peak AMA Superbike Preview

Ok, I wanna know somethin. Why, after 8 freaking years of riding superbike, and, for as long as I've been watching at least, riding very well, hasn't Yates won more races than he has? I have to wonder if he's just afraid to push himself that last 1/2% it takes to win races, or if he's just got bad luck or what, but it seems like he just oughta have more stats in the record book than he does for having such a consistent career, not to mention one so long. I look at veteran Duhamel and see a exquisitely consistent rider with a huge number of race wins. Yeah, not many championships (how many does he have, if any? IHNI), but as far as I know, he's the winningest rider in AMA history. I admit I've only been watching AMA series races for about two years, so it's not like I've got Despain's vast resources of racing knowledge to draw on (and believe me, if I did, I'd put it to better use), but would somebody kindly fill me in on why such a seemingly talented rider would so seldom push himself to the top?
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Default Re: Pikes Peak AMA Superbike Preview

Yates did manage to acquit himself reasonably well in 600 Supersport last season, and that is arguable the most competitive class in AMA. Whatever is the explanation for his lack of Superbike success, I doubt that it has anything to do with not pushing himself.

Last year it had a lot to do with his 750 GSX-R not being competitive with EBoz's Kawasaki or Nicky's RC51. As you may recall, his teammate Mladin, who was the defending champion, did not take a single win either.

Aaron probably (in my personal opinion) is a notch or two down on raw talent compared to the Bostroms, Haydens and Mladin, and makes up for most of that deficit with pure heart and determination. The fact that he personally carrys some 20 lbs more body weight doesn't help his efforts.


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