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nokneedragin 04-03-2003 04:35 AM

Re: Getting that Factory Ride - Part 1
Don't tell us ya gave up cussin at em

DialedIN 04-03-2003 05:24 AM

Re: Just finish healthy Sean
Of course that also means finish in the top ten! I am really glad to hear Kawasaki doing things like this, it seems to me they are finaly getting serious about everything in the motorcycle industry,( after a few lackadaisical years). The improvements they have done on the 600rr and 636 are class leading, the Z1000 is a awesome street machine.Now all they need to do is get a ZX10 out so Eric can kick some gixer butt !!!!

drthompson65 04-03-2003 05:35 AM

Re: Getting that Factory Ride - Part 1
Best of luck Sean! Kick some factory ride bootie!

rsheidler 04-03-2003 06:39 AM

Re: Getting that Factory Ride - Part 1
You Go Sean!

It is too bad that you don't have time for some suspension upgrades, and more track time on the actual race bike, but make the best of what you have.

Is this a single race deal, or will you get to do some more rounds? If the Kawasaki deal is one race only, I would encourage JB and company to step up and help you run something in CCS and/or WSMC for the season, and for you to give us regular reports.

I don't have a very good feel for what would be realistic goals for Fontana, given the stock suspension, but I'll be hoping for a top 10.

Keep it safe and most of all,m have fun!!


quasi_d 04-03-2003 07:10 AM

Re: Getting that Factory Ride - Part 1
This is completely awesome! Good luck!

Shadowspawn 04-03-2003 07:16 AM

MOridian Sponsored.
Believe it or not, this isn't Sean just posting under an alias. How about a place in the site where we could donate money to Sean's racing? Don't know if the community is enough to make a dent in the overall cost, but hey, I'd put up a few bucks to see an independant doing well.

I can even design the site for you if you need. Pretty simple really. I'm thinking we list every thing Sean needs and the expected price and people can donate money. 'corse we'd have to get "Sponsored by MOron's" or something similar some where on him.

Actuallly that would be an awesome line of T-shirts etc.

Anyhow, let me know if you need a professional code monkey to help out. Also feel free to tell me I'm a fool if you think this is a stupid idea. Trust me, I get it alot.


jaypuck 04-03-2003 07:41 AM

Re: MOridian Sponsored.
I think you're a fool. :-P

seriously, it's a great idea but would anyone continue to donate to it after the first three months? maybe with good site design and some gimmicks (like you said, knowing what you are buying helps) to keep people interested....

are there any legal issues that can come from this? probably need some sort of disclaimer that keeps people from trying to sue for partial ownership after giving up 20 bones on it.

Shadowspawn 04-03-2003 07:50 AM

Re: MOridian Sponsored.
I don't ususally get involved on the legal side, but I would have to think that if the web page actually said "Donate to help out Sean and the MOron team" it would be hard to claim ownership.

Personally I just love the idea of anyone in a professional race anywhere with "Sponsored by MOrons" on their gear somewhere.


Ken_Packard 04-03-2003 07:51 AM

Re: MOridian Sponsored.
I'd chip in a few bucks to live vicariously through Sean's speed. "Sponsored by MOrons" is a good idea...imagine the exposure MO would get if he competes regularly and does well. There's got to be a way to put a little extra juice in it for people who chip in a few bucks.

BMW4VWW 04-03-2003 08:21 AM

Re: Getting that Factory Ride - Part 1
First I find out that you're way faster than I am on a motorcycle. I can live with that. After finding out that we were the same height and weight (and seeing that picture of you with out your shirt on) I decided to go on a diet. I'm now down to 209 lbs. and was feeling pretty good about it. Now you tell me that you're down to 195! You are a cruel man Sean. Seriously though, good luck in you pro debut. VWW

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