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Default Safety? Daytona?

If safety were the main criteria, Daytona would not make the cut. Check out all the ways to maim or kill yourself at Daytona. Most corners give you the potential of crashing into something solid. Airfence/bags/hay may help but that still puts some significant G loading on the extended leg or arm.

I did a track day recently at Daytona and I am glad to have done it (and survived) but there are a lot of better places to race if safety is the consideration.

Birmingham, Alabama has a track to make Daytona out to be what it really is-a track for cars.
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Default Quack Quack Good bye V-2

Hey don't worry. I am sure Ducati will show up with their MotoGP V-4 oops no V-Twin. Aprilia will bring their triple, Honda V-5, Kawasaki inline 4. Get the picture MotoGP has diversity. So will AMA superbike. Displacement is the only fair way. No more rules that favor V-Twins i.e. Ducati.
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Default Excellent Point

Probably the reason MotoGP guys will never race there.
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Default Sorry. Forget contact patch size...

Contact patch size for each wheel varies from zero to w/tp where w is bike weight +rider weight in lb, and tp = tire pressure in lb/in^2.

For a bike with 600 lb total weight with 40 psi tire pressure, rear wheel contact patch area varies from 15 in^2 at max acceleration to 0 under max braking.

The total contact area for the above bike would be 15 in^2 at 40 psi and 20 in^2 at 30 psi when the bike was not turning. At full maximum lean the total contact area increases by a factor of 1.4 to 21 in^2 and 28 in^2.

Limiting contact patch size for a given bike weight just specifies the minimum tire pressure. In any case, the grip of the tire is proportional to the applied force vertical to the surface up to the limit of adhesion. It's nearly independent of contact area.
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