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pushkin_9 08-21-2002 05:15 AM

Time to fight fire with fire
Here's the study that AMA should whip out every time they quote these numbers:

percentage of motorcyclists injured by car drivers: 94%

Percentage of car drivers injured by motorcyclists: 0.001%

Percentage of injured pedestrians hit by cars"


Percentage of injured pedestrians hit by motorcyclists: 0.1%

we should embrace the statistics...we just need to define what the statistics are.

bigjames 08-21-2002 05:24 AM

Re: Critics Falsely Claim That Bikers Are A Burden On Society
I was a statisitcal progammer for about 10 years. The only learned a few things about 'the numbers"

1) Presented properly, you can make any number say anything you want (especially if graphs are used)

2) the other word for statistics is lies

We can talk about this all we want in this forum, but no one but motorcyclists will know. Too bad 'journalists' have to work for ratings and not going after the truth. Wow, now that's a concept, going after the truth!

James Allmond

NickdaBrick 08-21-2002 07:11 AM

Re: Critics Falsely Claim That Bikers Are A Burden On Society
Look: We all know this story is just more of the same old bullsh!t from the Leninist left and their bootlickers in the national news media. Why even bother to refute it when none of the people who put it out care even a tiny bit about the truth?

My advice is to spend all of your disposable cash on used bikes. Then, in about 10 years, when all of the cops are busy arresting people for smoking in their own homes or reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, you can still go out for a ride.

NickdaBrick 08-21-2002 07:14 AM

How to really fight fire with fire
How about this: Every time some organization comes out with this kind of lying propaganda, someone drives to that organization's offices in a Volvo station wagon and sets it on fire.

hawkrider 08-21-2002 07:20 AM

Re: How do you like it boys and girls?
In response to a recent call for a "gas crisis" in order to eliminate SUV's from our highways, I asked if motorcyclist would like being on the end of a similar attack.

There are people who are determined to do away with things they do not like or understand. Using medical stats to attack motorcycles is nothing new, the extent to which the numbers can be skewed is well documented. In the UK there is a balls to the wall effort to strangle the motorcycle industry, especially sportbikes.

When some of you speak about SUV's and alike with such distane, suggesting that drivers of such who hit a motorcycle should be beaten to death with tire irons, oh yeah, that helps our cause.

Please help me understand. It seems to me that what we all want is the FREEDOM to do what we wish. To ride what we want, when we want, where we want. Oh, and for the anti glutton crowd, shut the hell up. I am quite certain given the means you would also engage in gluttonous behavior. Well most of you anyway.

All of you anti SUV people need to put the shoe on the other foot. The ANTI MOTORCYCLE movement is quietly building its forces. If you doubt it, call your motorcycle industry lobbyist for the state you live in. They will tell you there job is getting harder.

Face it, we are a minority, we are outnumbered. Don't be foolish enough to believe that you can shout and ***** your way to some NON SUV utopia. The system does not allow it. The market forces will decide all of the issues, it always does.

Ride Safe!

pplassm 08-21-2002 04:42 PM

Re: Critics Falsely Claim That Bikers Are A Burden On Society
Goddamn. My drink went up my nose.

Poser 08-22-2002 06:23 AM

Re: How to really fight fire with fire
Are you advocating setting the Volvo station wagon on fire? I can sign on for that...

20valves 08-22-2002 07:57 AM

Re: How do you like it boys and girls?
Motorcyclists a burden on society? How about all the butt-surfers that the government is so intent on helping with billions of dollars of AIDS research money? That seems to be a bit more of a problematic lifestyle choice than riding a motorcycle is as far as "social cost" is concerned.

Bikers are an easy mark so the government bullies like to try to push us around every few years. Freakin' bureaucrat creeps. Grrr...

seruzawa 08-23-2002 05:08 AM

Re: How do you like it boys and girls?
You hit the nail on the head, hawk. These anti-SUV nazis never ever think of the consequences of their ideas, if implemented. There are far better "social burded" arguments against motorcycles than there are against SUVs.

That power you abuse against others WILL be asused against you. Bank on it.

panthercity 08-28-2002 05:24 AM

Re: How do you like it boys and girls?
I'm sorry, your concise (relatively) and logical post is not appropriate for an Internet BBS. If you continue to make sense, your posting privileges will be revoked.

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