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KPaulCook 07-29-2002 10:10 AM

Re: If you don't wear a Full Face Helmet and Protective Gear you are an Organ Donor
You go guy Great Post.

longride 07-29-2002 10:30 AM

Re: Me three Dreaming and Product Liability
I can name 4 states that repealed their helmet(please spell it correctly!) laws in the last 10 years. How many can you name that added a helmet law in the same time period?

KPaulCook 07-29-2002 10:39 AM

Good idea David (DJS)
Excellent Post. This a good creative idea that needs to be on the table. I am not someone that believes in more laws but I having seen the craziness in the motorcycling community I have become skeptical about the effectiveness of voluntary safety campaigns. Your idea is much more pratical than voluntary things and possibly more political palatable to the riding community than a law. Like you said insurance companies already have things like this called riders i think maybe its writer whatever :) . For instance my life insurance policy will not pay if I die flying a small plane.

Keep the ideas coming

KPaulCook 07-29-2002 10:40 AM

Re: huh?
Sorry I cut and pasted into the wrong reply

BritRider 07-29-2002 10:49 AM

Wake up guys and gals and quit bickerin
All you have to do is put "AMA, safety, helmets, legislation" in a title and this is what is spawned. A lot of good debate bordering on lunacy, so here's my contribution.

Here in Florida the helmet law was repealed 2 years ago. One of the major lobbiests (sp?) for repeal took herself out one night when she was riding her Harley drunk, without a helmet. Proved a point for the helmet law faction and probably contributed to my insurance rate increase. Yes it has increased. Personal irresponsibility at its finest that will impact me. Is it safer to wear a helmet? Sure it is. Do I care if every motorcyclist wears one, not really, except that the public is now more dis-illusioned than ever about us. Plus my cost to ride ratio has gone up.

The government will interfere with our sport, as they have shown in the past. Remember those fun 3 wheelers we used to have in the 80's, can't buy those anymore. I used to ride them and was very concious of my actions and surroundings, but a few bad apples rode them above their responsible means and voila, they're too dangerous for the public, better ban em. Same thing can happen to any motorized vehicle that is perceived to be dangerous for the people, by the people. That's right, our democratic society, the one that can remove an element of danger (motorcycles). Thanks to the yellow journalistic media, things like this can and will happen.

Now to the real point, we better pull together as one voice and do the things that will help us rather than try to prove a point ("We need helmet laws") and counter point ("we don't need no steenkin laws"). How bout we lobby for DRIVER education that is more necessary than ever. Yeah lets fix some roads and do some studies but d@mmit, how bout we teach John Q public to watch where the h#ll he's goin and put down the d@mn paper, it ain't just cell phones.


Mooner 07-29-2002 11:46 AM

Re: AMA Testifies on Capitol Hill for Steps to Improve Motorcycling Safety
Why does any talk of motorcycle safety immediatley become a helmet law debate. The most important thing concerning motorcycle safety is avoiding the accident in the first place. Education and experience my dear man (or woman). Maybe, just maybe use of protective riding gear would increase through knowledge. Incidently, my cousin was killed last week on his motorcycle. Too fast around a corner, hit gravel, spit off into a road sign. He wasn't wearing a helmet, but according to the coroner, a helmet would not have protected him from the massive head trauma he suffered. I love and miss my cousin, but the only thing that could have saved him is riding smarter.

sportbike_pilot 07-29-2002 12:04 PM

Re: Me three Dreaming and Product Liability
Sorry KPaul but that trend has been reversed. Several states are either currently considering or have repealed (albeit sometimes in limited fashon) their helmet laws. Increasingly, I believe, insurers will be the ones to enforce helmet usage through premiums.

And I don't think that this is a wasteful battle on the AMA's part (though goodness knows they have fought some silly ones over access to public lands). For some of us this goes right to the heart of why we ride. Again I always ride with a full face ARAI lid and in good sport leathers, but I have nothing against my bro's who let those grey ponytails flap freely in the breeze :)

I'd be a little careful about what you seem to wish for. If you invite the government to enforce your views on helmets what about when they decide that nobody needs a motorcycle with an exhaust that exceeds 80 dB A weighted? Or when they recognize that the speed limit is 75 on the fastest roads so what do you need a 150 bhp motorcycle for? It's a stretch, I admit, but once you invite the scrutiny there is no telling where it might end up.



sportbike_pilot 07-29-2002 12:19 PM

Re: Me too.
Few things aggravate me more than gun laws. I'm probably the only guy in Idaho that doesn't hunt or own enough guns to stock an armory but I'm still against almost every gun control law I'm aware of because I believe that they are, for the most part, unconstitutional.

If we, as a nation, want to have a national debate on repealing or amending the second amendment I think that's a legitimate discussion and I might even be for it. But until then I'm mostly against the government regulating my use of firearms because I don't think that the constitution gives them that power. I think, in fact, that the framers of the constitution specifically intended to not give government that power - a concept that many constitutional scholars and increasingly courts are beginning to acknowledge.

Gun control is another one of those issues that is way less about any genuine concern for our well being that it is about money and votes. It's an easy way in the eyes of most americans to look tough on crime without really doing anything tough on crime. And it's cheap.



yzf1070 07-29-2002 03:05 PM

Re: If you don't wear a Full Face Helmet and Protective Gear you are an Organ Donor
The point is if I know the risks I am taking, and I obviously do being that wearing my helmet has saved me once when I was struck by a minivan in front of my own home, then let me make my own choice. I have that f'ing right as an American. And if you want to try to take away my right to make choices, regardless of what they are, then I will fight you. That my ignorant friend is what our country is built on, people fighting for their freedom!

KPaulCook 07-29-2002 07:51 PM

It's a generation thing Xers have a different attitude about skull protection
Actually Florida is considering reinstating it law after an increase in fatalities. I lived near Ft. Lauderdale for awhile (Plantation) and a buddy back there said helmet (see i got it right i was in a hurry last time) the tide is going the other way. See what a guy from Fla posted below. I don't know where you live Chicago ? I suspect once the political influence of the Gray Pony Tail Brotherhood (boomers) subsides Xers will bring back helmet laws. We grew up wearing helmets to roller blade, skate board, snow board, and bicycle . So tho us it's not a big deal as you old guys Maybe common sense skips generations or something.

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