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Default Don't lecture me about the cost of freedom

You are a certified nut case. I am a vet so don't phucking tell me to get out. I lost a cousin in Vietnam, 2 uncles in WWII don't lecture me about the cost of freedom so shut up and buy a full face helment and grow up boomer. How about the cost of stupdity like not wearing a helment dork?
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Default Re: Let me clarify...

Insurance is bordering the absurd, many times you are expected to pay 50% of the bike's value per year. We gotta change something.

50% ? My bike cost about $8,000 new this yr, 1 years insurance is $432.00, and that is full coverage........... I don't know anyone that pays $4,000 a year for insurance.....it's more like 5%.

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