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jmeyn 07-26-2002 05:56 AM

Re: AMA Point Standings Hinge on Mid-Ohio Event
Despite Hayden's success, he hasn't been able to lose the entire field. Thanks to eleven top-5 finishes in 2002, including wins at Pikes Peak and Leguna Seca, Eric Bostrom has done his best to keep up the pace. The 25-year-old has improved his finish in the Superbike standings each of the previous four seasons, and a second place finish in last year's battle leaves only one place to go.

Sort of like Bayliss and Edwards in WSB. I can't decide which rider to cheer for. May racing luck even out and the best man win!

KPaulCook 07-26-2002 02:11 PM

Re: AMA Point Standings Hinge on Mid-Ohio Event
I can't either decide who to root for, both are class acts. Baylis really impressed me when he fell twice in a race and came back to finish in the top 5 I think. Hopefully Edwards can make it a race. Hayden and Bostorm is good rivilary as well. I think a good race would be to put the two on the same type of bike and let em go at. Bostorm is amazing on the old green girl.

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