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Default Fickle!?

I never said anything about Mat not being good. You can't win three titles and not be good. I'm just saying it's funny how fast the ****y swagger disappears. When you're winning it's all about the rider. After all, your teammates aren't on the podium and they're on the same bike right? But when you're losing it's all about the bike, or the tires, or the set up, or whatever.

I do like Mladin for this: he showed everyone that it's possible to win on a 750cc inline four.
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Default Re: Fickle!?

Let's not forget Mladin munched his elbow pretty bad earlier this year. SHould be back up to speed about now though...
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Default Re: Road Atlanta overall victory goes to...

What I don't get is the fact that Mladins times this year are slower than last year. If it's really the bike why not go back to last years chasis and suspension and work from there. I understand that they are trying to develop better parts. It just seems to me that if you try something new and it doesen't work you need to rewind and start over. But maybe it's just him and he is blaming the bike?
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Default Re: Fickle!?

To Mladin's credit, as I recall, during most of his victory celebration interviews, he was keen to thank his team. I remember people asking him how he could beat the big V-twins on his 750, and he mentioned things like team chemistry and good communications between himself and the setup guys, and stuff like that. It did seem to taper off a bit last year, but he still seems like a decent fellow.
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