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Tim_Moore 04-05-2002 11:34 AM

Re: DonÂ’t Count Out Mladin
"Puff piece" or no, not all of us subscribers are "baseball people" who looking for nothing but cut'n'dry stats or need real meat in every article posted here. An article like this is absolutely perfect for someone like me; Someone who doesn't have the time or inclination to follow the behind the scenes action or what battles to watch as the year goes on. Being able to get a snapshot of the rivalries is terrific, since when I actually get to sit down and watch a race I'll have a much better idea of who is doing what, and why. I also like that there is an "underdog" factor, something I didn't realize even though I was lucky enough to catch the races in Daytona. (Thanks, Speed Channel!) Without "puff pieces" like these, a bunch of us would not be nearly as informed.

Another thing, as long as I'm on my soapbox. The "ride to work" article that Minime wrote was absolutely spot-on. He stirred feelings in me that I hadn't had in quite a while (err, feelings about motorcycle riding) and reminded me of exactly why I got my first bike and the feelings I had while I had it. Call that kind of "news" what you will, but to a great many of us it was a terrific piece of writing.

Quote: <blockquote>After careful consideration I think that the piece is classified as news is one of my biggest objections.</blockquote>

I guess I didn't realize that MO had a message board dedicated to non-news items, where puff pieces and meatless write-ups could be posted. Could you provide a link? Or perhaps we could get them to change the title of this section, as they had to change the title of the Open Class comparo to fit narrow-minded individuals who felt that because they spent the equivalent of a movie, popcorn, and a soda for a year's worth of content they should have a say in how MO is run.

Why doesn't anyone have that mindset towards Motorcyclist or CW? After all, they pay the same amount to them. Or more, if they "refuse to subscribe" and pick up a couple at newsstands over the course of a year. BTW, when was the last time you got to watch a video of a bunch of testers swapping paint on a canyon road in one of those two rags? How about instant access to every comparo and write-up they've done for the last 4 years? How about honest comparisons and write-ups by real bike guys who you could easily get to know and want to hang out with? Oh wait, how about instant replies to reader feedback explaining exactly how they came about their decision, or why they made a specific statement, or how they ranked a certain bike lower (or higher, Mean Streak case in point) even though they didn't really feel that way about that bike? Hell, those points alone are worth a helluva lot more than $12 in my book.

The thing that makes MO so unique (instant critiquing and reader feedback) is exactly what makes it so difficult to read sometimes.

That said, go MO go. You kick ass in my book!


jmeyn 04-05-2002 01:57 PM

Re: Suggestion
Loveya, baby.

DucButt 04-05-2002 06:27 PM

Re: DonÂ’t Count Out Mladin
I enjoyed the article, but the posts have been even more enjoyable and enlightening. Remarkably, pretty much everyone has been able to express their opinion in a responsible and polite manner. Fellow MO readers, it's great to be in your company - while I give MO staff credit for providing the medium and much of the content, it's really the interactive content from readers that makes MO such a great source for motorcycle junkies like me. Thanks.

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