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I am a newbie, I realize this, I thank you for your post as it reminds me of things that I need to practice. I congratulate you on realizing that you, very experienced rider, must also from time to time revisit and practice riding skills both the physical and mental. We never know from one moment to the next when our next challenge will come.
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If I'd been in your situation, the only difference would have been that I might have been going slower than you. I don't have a problem riding when the streets are wet, but I do ride a lot slower than when they aren't. And I also would have focused on braking rather than swerving. It would be good to get practice swerving on wet asphalt. Maybe somebody should set up a riding course for that. Of course, I bet there'd be quite a few wipeouts
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nothing slows you down like a near miss
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Hello. I have been riding over 45 years, been an instructor for the Manitoba Safety Council and riding bikes from the smallest to the largest. What did you do wrong. Possibly a few things. Riding in the wrong tire track, or maybe the wrong lane. Never ride in the left or right lane, meridian/sidewalk lane unless you are setting up for a turn or passing a slower vehicle on their left only. Most drivers these days have no clue as to the proper way to merge into traffic going the other way. Sounds like a big city 4 way either way. He should have gone into the closest lane, or left side lane. That would have given you the next lane to pass or out track him. Only if that lane is available. How many drivers, including yourself always do that, turn into the proper lane as stated in the highway traffic act. . Left lane to the left lane, or right lane to right lane. NOT MANY. It all happens in a second or two. If it had just started raining, the road grease/oil is coming up and the roads are at the worst part of the slippery stage. 20-30 minutes later, you will have better traction on the front and can make lane changes easier. "We" all need reminders occasionally. As far as I'm concerned, you didn't hit him, so you did alright. Your braking was good because you didn't side slide into him and you'll live to ride another day. There are to many variables with what you left out of your statement. But, your still walking and ready to ride. You done good boy.. ootpik
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Thanks for posting your experience. Glad you made it through okay...
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Originally Posted by Kenneth_Moore View Post
I have wonder what it must be like to ride in a place where this type of incident is unusual enough to take note of. Some sort of two-wheeled paradise, I guess. Maybe someday...

God no sh*t, I guess it's just life in the big city....you get used to braindead cagers. I had some phuk in a Toyota make a lange change into me this morning, I'm a foot away from his door laying on the horn and the dumb ass-hole still didn't notice me untill I was next to his window. I guess I need to shift to drag pipes or D&D's or something. That or start packing....

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I just wave in a friendly way now. ****s with their mind. That's if they put down their cell phone long enough to notice.

Of course there's always practicing the weak hand too.
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