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Originally Posted by Toshiro View Post
I use Rain-X on my vehicle. It works wonders when you keep it applied weekly. I've wondered for awhile now if it could be used on face shields. My Scott goggles have an expensive specialty product I use applied. Tear-offs can sometimes make vision worse if debris collect between the plastic pieces. Still come in handy. Never know when a giant juicy mosquito might go splat on your face. lol

I've tried Rain-X on faceshields before and it keeps the rain off quite well, it also seems to cause a lot of light refraction from headlights so I generally don't use it. I find the ol' turn your head and finger wipe works as good as anything else.
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In my experience, a full-face lid with a Pinlock anti-fog insert in place is the best for rain. The drops roll off the outside and the Pinlock stops condensation inside. If I have the big windscreen on (Winter) I'll tilt it on the MadStad bracket so my face is just above it.
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