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Originally Posted by sarnali2 View Post
I don't fool around with no trailer braking, I just jam on the binder, kick the ass-end out and Lay'er down....right before she hits I jumps up on the crash bars front and rear and wait till she slides past the offending cager, then I reaches in my pocket real quick like, whip out Ms. Elsie P and give 'em a gad-dam* .380 cal. q-tip.... then I just roll the bike back up and off I goes.......

Sarnail2, you so gansta!!!
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Default Transferring bicycle skills to a motorcycle

Originally Posted by Dr_Sprocket View Post
Thanks for sharing, Mokester.

I have never given any serious thought about how I brake. During the MSF's motorcycle safety class, they instruct straight up braking, completing the braking before entering the turn. Thinking about how I brake, I do brake into the curve. I do this sometimes because I carried too much speed into the corner and sometimes intentionally to help change my line.

I think I have always done trail braking, having learned it while riding bicycles. When ripping down a mountain at 45mph on tires no wider than an inch, you learn how to feather the brake and brake in the turns.
The MSF course never mentioned bicycles. I started riding a bicycle when I was five years old and never stopped. In my opinion, some of the techniques for motorcycle riding can first be practiced on a bicycle (which is safer) and the skill transferred to a motorcycle.

In riding a bicycle down California mountains I learned about high lean angles so they were never a problem for me when I learned to ride a motorcycle.

The MSF course, needlessly in my opinion, constantly emphasized counter steering. Well, bicycles counter steer too so someone with bicycle experience has already been counter steering whether he knows it or not so really there is nothing new to learn. Also, the fact that a bicycle counter steers is easy to prove; just ride at night with the headlight on and watch the beam on the pavement.
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